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New Grant's Blended Whisky Range Line-Up

30th July 2018
Grant's overhaul their whisky range, renaming their signature blend, Grant's Triple Wood and adding three new expressions.

New Look Grant's whisky range - Grant's Triple Wood, Grant's Triple Wood Smoky, Grant's Rum Cask Finish and Grant's 8 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish.

Grant's blended Scotch whisky, which is now the world's number three best selling Scotch whisky has overhauled its whisky line-up, a move which sees its signature blend, Grant's Family Reserve, renamed Grant's Triple Wood, but fans of the iconic dram needn't worry as the whisky you will find in the bottle remains the same.

The overhaul will also see three new expressions joining the Grant's blended Scotch whisky line-up, joining Grantís Triple Wood, will be the new Grant's Triple Wood Smoky, Grant's Rum Cask Finish and Grant's 8 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish completing the new look range.

There will be a few causalities in the overhaul, with the Grant's Sherry Cask Finish, Grant's Ale Cask Finish (the one which I will miss most), Grant's Signature, Grant's Nordic Oak Finish and Grant's Master Blenderís Edition all discontinued, so if you have a taste for any of these I would suggest you stock up before they disappear from the shelves.

It is undoubtedly a bold move from Grant's considering that they are currently the world's third best selling Scotch whisky with their current whisky line-up but Grant's will have the sales figure and know what consumers like most and what they want. I know I will be intrigued to try the new Grant's Triple Wood Smoky and Grant's 8 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish when they arrive.

Grant's Triple Wood produced using three distinct casks.

The reasoning behind the move to rename the firmly established and very popular Grant's Family Reserve to Grant's Triple Wood is to emphasise the whisky making process and the three types of cask which goes into creating the smooth, rich and mellow whisky - Virgin Oak which provides spicy robustness, American Oak lending subtle vanilla smoothness and Refill Bourbon bringing brown sugar sweetness.

Philip Gladman, Grant's Chief Marketing Officer commented on the new Grant's whisky line-up, saying: "While other blended whiskies are declining, Grantís continues to go from strength to strength, leapfrogging others to become the worldís number three Scotch whisky. As the whisky that holds the family name, we have big ambitions to be the most distinctive player in Scotch whisky and are proud to celebrate our Triple Wood maturation, the key to our exceptional taste, with a new global brand refresh."

The new Grant's blended Scotch whisky range will start appearing on the shelves from this month with the new Grant's Rum Cask Finish already on the shelves at Sainsbury's and the renamed Grant's Triple Wood is due to follow in August where it will be available from all major retailers in 70cl and 1 litre bottle sizes. The Grant's Triple Wood Smoky and Grant's 8 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish are both scheduled to be on shelves later in the year.

I would have loved to have seen Grant's use this opportunity to add a blended grain whisky to it core range, similar to the Grantís Elementary Oxygen 8 Year Old which is available in travel retail, perhaps something we may see in the future. Meanwhile, for my thoughts on two whiskies in the new Grant's line-up which are now available, the Grant's Triple Wood and Grant's Rum Cask Finish see the links below.

You will also find the current Grant's blended Scotch whisky range available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

New Look Grant's Scotch Blended Whisky Range

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