Whisky Producing Regions Of Scotland

Whisky Producing Regions Of Scotland

Like the fine wines of the world, the single malt whiskies of Scotland are grouped by region. Traditionally there were four whisky distilling regions, these regions have more to do with old regulations and taxation systems than anything else.

The four main Whisky Regions of Scotland are Campbeltown, Islay, Lowlands and the Highlands. Speyside and the Islands are generally accepted as  sub-divisions of the Highlands region.

Each of these individual regional groups do to some extent produce many whiskies which are similar in their broad basic flavours, although there are certainly a few exceptions.

Whisky regional characteristics are not quite as clear cut as with wines. You will find that many whiskies from the same region have similar characteristics in taste and style, but this is more of a guideline rather than a set rule.

The final flavour of a whisky is determined more by the equipment used and the methods used to produce each whisky rather than by the geographical location of where the whisky is produced.

The Scotch Whisky Regions

When looking to buy a whisky of the same style and characteristics to one you already enjoy, the region in which the whisky is produced should be considered but by no means should it be used as the only guideline.

Select a Scotch Whisky region below for information on the whiskies of that region.


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