Whisky Liqueurs

Whisky Liqueurs

Whisky liqueurs are the direct descendants of the drinks made from blending herbs and honey with whiskies which may have been a little to characteristic to be drunk on their own.

Out of all the whisky liqueurs available today Drambuie is probably the best known and is an important ingredient in the popular whisky cocktail the "Rusty Nail".

Apart from Drambuie other popular Scotch Whisky Liqueurs are Columba Cream, Glayva, Glenfiddich, Lochan Ora, Stags Breath and Famous Grouse.

Whisky liqueurs are very much for those with a sweet tooth. Many purist whisky drinkers would not go near them, but my guess would be these would be the same whisky drinkers who would say that whisky should be drunk as it comes and that you should never add water or ice or even worse soda or ginger ale. But as I always say drinking whisky is all about personal taste, and you should drink your whisky the way you most enjoy it. So if you have a bit of a sweet tooth a whisky liqueur may just be a drink you will love.

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