A to Z of Scotch Blended Whisky

A to Z of Scotch Blended Whisky

Blended Whisky is often overlooked and disregarded as being inferior, but blended whiskies are an important part of the whisky industry and should not be underestimated. A blended whisky offers you a guaranteed unchanging taste and pleasure. It is quite unbelievable just how many people will categorically reject the idea that any blend is as good or even better than some of the best single malts available. Blended whisky is affordable and is ideal for any devotee to whisky who has not settled on their own favourite malt yet or for someone who likes to dally with the different tastes whisky has to offer.

If you are not tunnel visioned on malt whiskies, you will find there are many Deluxe blends which are definitely worth a try. If we were to make a recommendation of which blends to try, they would be The Famous Grouse Gold Reserve or the Johnnie Walker Black Label.

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