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Glen Moray Classic Review

3rd June 2020
Review of the Glen Moray Classic Speyside single malt.

Glen Moray ClassicAs I sat down with the new Glen Moray Madeira Cask Project today to review I thought I would first revisit the Glen Moray Elgin Classic (to give it its full name) the Speyside distillery's entry level single malt with which I am sure many of you begin your whisky journey and come back to revisit it once and a while.

With Father's Day on the horizon and with the Glen Moray Classic now on offer for around 20 in most high street supermarkets and online whisky shops I thought that there would be a few gift buyers interested in knowing if this whisky would make a welcome gift.

In general the Glen Moray distillery produces what you could call a classic Speyside region whisky, a sweet, floral, light bodied single malt whisky and their entry level whisky is very aptly named the Glen Moray Classic. Although the whisky doesn't carry an age statement the distillery tells me that the single malts which it combines to make up the Glen Moray Classic has been aged for an average of 7 years, all entirely in American ex-bourbon casks, the majority of which are first-fill casks which should add to the sweet oak vanilla toffee influences the whisky picks up from the casks.

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: A fresh, clean nose, some sweet vanilla toffee with a gentle icing sugar edge, a light touch of pear and lemon adds some fruitiness
and just the mildest of grassy notes lurking in the background.

Taste: The sweet vanilla toffee from the nose leads, infused with lemon from the nose, a little oak, ginger and nutmeg spice things up a little.

Finish: The sweet toffee and fruit quickly bitters out leaving a little lingering spice.

On the nose is where the Glen Moray Classic excels, on the palate it isn't quite as sweet as the nose suggested but still a lovely duet of toffee and fruit, it is a little youthful but it doesn't claim to be anything else. A young classic Speyside dram and certainly worth its asking price, if you are looking to step up from cheaper blended whiskies and you are on a budget I can recommend this at around 20 a bottle.

SMW Score 80/100

You will find the Glen Moray Classic along with the rest of the current Glen Moray whisky range available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and Master of Malt

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