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Glen Moray Classic Peated Review

12th December 2017
Review of the subtly peaty Speysider, Glen Moray Classic Peated.

Glen Moray Classic PeatedI believe the Glen Moray distillery started distilling peated spirit back in 2010, I first tasted Glen Moray Peated "spirit" back in 2012 before it reached the age to officially be called whisky, it was cask strength and around 2 years old and very impressive and a great indicator of things to come from the innovative and very friendly to your pocket Speyside distillery.

The distillery launched the Glen Moray Classic Peated bottled at 40% ABV in 2015 which would have been around 5 years old, a couple of more years on and with Christmas fast approaching I thought I would revisit this peaty Speysider that offers whisky drinkers a hit of peat at a very pocket friendly price in comparison to the ever increasing prices of Islay peated whiskies.

You can read my review of the subtly smoked Speysider below and you will find the Glen Moray Classic Peated available in most High Street supermarkets as well as from specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt

Glen Moray Classic Peated Review

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Subtle peat smoke infused mildly sweet vanilla, distant lemon. A wee touch of leather and floral notes also in the background.

Taste: Light, young and fresh, delicious smoked vanilla coats the palate, gentle sugars and vibrant oak spice.

Finish: Medium length finish, a little peat smoke infused honey fades leaving a touch of liquorice and slightly drying oak spice.

Comment: Glen Moray Peated is all about subtle peat, light spice and and creamy vanilla, it is still young but but no less enjoyable and for the price in comparison to other peated single malts today this is an outstanding peaty dram, it certainly holds it own amongst the best peaty whiskies Speyside distilleries have to offer and at a lot cheaper price. I reckon if they bottled this at 46% - 50% it would be outstanding, but it is still extremely enjoyable as it is.

Hopefully we do see an aged version of this classic peated Speysider in the future, perhaps a 10 year old around 2020, meanwhile I can highly recommend the Glen Moray Classic Peated single malt if you are looking for a peaty whisky Christmas gift for friends or family or even yourself, it certainly has the most important attribute any whisky should have, it is very drinkable and very enjoyable.

SMW Score 87/100

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