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Mortlach 18 Year Old Review

26th January 2015
Mortlach 18 Year Old has a good portion of meaty sherried Mortlach character.

Many whisky drinkers would have been very familiar with the old Mortlach 16 year old Flora & Fauna bottling and rated it very highly. The new Mortlach 18 year old is the closet in age to the old Flora & Fauna bottling but is it similar in taste and style.

Well fans of the old F & F bottling will be pleased to hear that the Mortlach 18 year old was taken from first fill sherry and refill European Oak with "a bit" of refill American Oak, giving the whisky a good portion of that meaty sherried Mortlach character many know and love. It was bottled at 43.4% ABV.

As you can see from the picture, the new bottling is presented in a highly distinctive engineered style of Mortlach bottle. The design style of the new bottle is rooted in an engineered world and was inspired by the one of the distillery's early owners, entrepreneurial Scottish civil engineer George Cowie, and his gifted and equally ambitious son Dr Alexander Cowie. Mortlach describe the decanter style bottle as reminiscent of beautiful man-made structures, whilst also elegant, luxurious and contemporary.

Engraved on the bottle is a reference to Mortlach's unusual partial-triple distillation process which is often described as Ď2.81 Distilledí. The engineering cues incorporated in the bottle design are most visible in the metal structure of the 18 year old bottle which protects, enhances and displays the fine single malt within the bottle. The design of the metal structure has been inspired by some of the great engineering feats of the Victorian period, especially the cantilever bridge design made famous on Scotlandís very own Forth Road Bridge.

Since it's launch last year we haven't really heard much about the new whisky and there are very few reviews to be found but luckily for us, Murray Cohen, Order of the Companions of the Quaich Canada and our very own Scotch Malt Whisky Forum member, Quaich1 has kindly submitted a review for us following an "Evening of Scottish Virtuosity" premium whisky tasting event where Mortlach brand ambassador Georgie Bell unveiled the new Mortlach range to East Coast Canada in Toronto. You can read what Murray thought of the Mortlach 18 year old below.

Murray tells me that during the evening Georgie Bell described the Mortlach 18 year old as: "an after-dinner dram, like a digestif and it goes beautifully with dark chocolate." To this end, she presented Murray with a dark chocolate ganache at the tasting to pair with the dram which he tells heightened the taste profile of both.

The Mortlach Rare Old is currently available from The Whisky Exchange priced £174

Mortlach 18 Year Old Review

Review submitted by Murray Cohen, Order of the Companions of the Quaich, Niagara, Ontario, Canada and our very own Scotch Malt Whisky Forum member, Quaich1.

Bottled at 43.4% ABV. 50cl.

Murray Cohen's Tasting Notes:

Colour: Bright Amber.

Nose: A blast of delightful burnt orange erupts in rhinal bliss. Exotic fruit and caramel candy follows. One senses a mature profile of aromas immediately.

Taste:  Thriving full-bodied espresso notes appear. A chorus of blood orange flavors chimes in. There is something charming here about the interplay of flavors and the flavor refinement delivered after 18 years.

Finish: A long finish with spicy orange and bold coffee notes.

Score: 93.5/100

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