Irish Whiskey The Great Old Whiskies Of Ireland

Irish Whiskey

You will find that you get some great old timers from Ireland. What makes Irish whiskey different to Scotch whisky? Irish Whiskey is traditionally light in style and most Irish whiskeys are triple distilled, however some Scotch whisky is also triple distilled, but some Irish are also only distilled twice like most Scotch whiskies.

Until recent years Ireland produced only one single malt whiskey, distilled in potstills from a mash and fermentation of malted barley. This is probably Irelands most well known whiskey, Bushmills Malt. But today it has some very serious competition from the whiskies produced by Cooley.

The Whiskeys Of Ireland

Bushmills Malt
Irelands most famous Malt Whiskey is produced in Northern Ireland. It is medium gold in colour and with a light smoky aroma with a little fruity sweetness redolent of apples and bananas with hints of sherry moving to a bitter toffee finish. Makes a good all rounder and possible aperitif.
The Cooley Distillery produces a very impressive range of whiskies. Cooley produces Kilbeggan and Lockes blended whiskeys, as well as Connemara single malt which is Ireland's only peated single malt whiskey. It also produces Tyrconnell single malt and Greenore, Ireland's oldest single grain whiskey. Other whiskies include Inishowen and Millars blended Irish whiskey.
From the Republic of Ireland, round and slightly oily with a perfume like aroma.
Jameson 1780
From the Republic of Ireland, the Jameson 1780 is a 12 year old deluxe blend with the matured warmth and tones of the above.
Powers Gold Label
From the Republic of Ireland. Slightly lacking in aroma, but it makes up for this with its malty taste.
From the Republic of Ireland. A good, all rounded body and a crispiness in the follow through.
Tullamore Dew
From the Republic of Ireland. Light in colour and aroma and quite a dry whiskey.
Midleton Very Rare
From the Republic of Ireland. This is produced from a mix of the best casks matured at Midleton. A very smooth whiskey with a sweetish malt taste to it.
Old Bushmills
From Northern Ireland. This has a malty sweetness to it with a dry follow through.
Black Bush
From Northern Ireland. More malt goes into this blend than into most Irish Whiskeys. Black Bush is a deluxe blend which could be mistaken for a malt.

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