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Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Robbie Dhu Springs
William Grant & Sons Ltd
+44 (0)1340 820373
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The Glenfiddich distillery was founded in 1886 by William Grant using second-hand equipment which he purchased at a bargain price. The very first Glenfiddich Whisky was produced on Christmas Day 1887.

As a small family run business Glenfiddich faced intense competition from the bigger name distilleries during the economic boom years that followed the Second World War. The belief of the whisky business at the time was that single malts were far too intense in palate for the English and other foreigners.

In 1963 the Grant family decided to go against this belief and market its whisky seriously as a single malt outside of Scotland. For many years afterwards companies in the industry regarded this move as foolishness. The vision and persistence of the Grant family was very single-minded. Few of its rivals would have been bold enough at the time to offer their whisky as bottled single malts. So if you are a devotee of single malts you owe a huge debt of gratitude to Glenfiddich and the Grant family.

This head start in the worldwide single malt market laid the foundations for the success of Glenfiddich. The fact that Glenfiddich single malt is one of the less challenging malts to the palate undoubtedly also helped a great deal. Today, Glenfiddich is still owned by the Grant family and is sadly one of only a few Scotch whisky distillers to remain in family hands. Glenfiddich is the biggest selling single malt whisky in the world, in fact one in every five bottles of single malt whisky sold in the world today is a bottle of Glenfiddich.

Glenfiddich Tasting Notes

Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 Year Old
Nose: Fresh and fragrant, touch of pear.
Taste: Distinctive, well-balanced flavour of rich fruit, subtle pine and a hint of peatiness.
Finish: Satisfyingly long, lingering and rounded and smooth aftertaste.

Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 Year Old
Nose: A full and fruity nose, with delicate honey and vanilla notes.
Taste: The taste is elegantly smooth, with a deep flavour that reveals fruit, gentle spice and a touch of oak.
Finish: The finish is long and satisfying.

Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 18 Year Old
Nose: An elegant nose, faintly sweet, scented with apple and wood.
Taste: It is robust and full-bodied, yet remarkably soft, rounded.
Finish: Long lasting.

Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 Year Old
Nose: An intense and sweet aroma, quite floral with hints of banana, toffee, leather and oak.
Taste: The flavour is initially soft, then brisk, vibrant and drying. A touch of smoke, peppery, lime and spices.
Finish: an exceptionally long, warming finish.

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Glenfiddich Bottlings

Glenfiddich offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 Year Old.
  • Caoran Reserve 12 Year Old.
  • Solera Reserve 15 Year Old.
  • Ancient Reserve 18 Year Old.
  • Gran Reserva 21 Year Old.
  • Millennium Reserve 21 Year Old.
  • 30 Year Old.
  • Vintage Reserve (1968).
  • 50 Year Old.

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