Speyside Whisky Region

Speyside Whisky Region

Speyside is not officially a whisky region but it is generally accepted as a subdivision of the Highlands Region. Over half of all Scotland's distilleries are located in Speyside. Speyside malts are typically the sweetest of all Scotch Whisky Malts and many of the most popular single malts are produced in Speyside.

The huge selection of Speyside malts offer a variety of strengths and can generally be broken down into two categories, the heavy, rich sherry flavoured malts and the more complex light floral flavoured malts. Speyside malts are essentially sweet whiskies, although some can have a little peaty character with just a slight whiff of smoke.

The list of malts produced in this region of Scotland is pretty overwhelming, but some of the better known names include Glenfiddich, The Macallan, Balvenie, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, Glen Moray and Aberlour.

Speyside Region Malt Whisky List

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