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Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Springs on Ben Rinnes
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Glenfarclas Distillery was built in 1836 by a tenant farmer by the name of Robert Hay. When Robert Hay died in 1865, the distillery was taken over by John Grant. For the five first years of ownership John Grant rented the distillery out. Then John Grant ran the distillery with his son George who died only one year after his father. His wife Barbara inherited the distillery licence, and his two sons John and George Grant took over the family business.

Grant sold a 50% share of the distillery in 1896 to Patisson Elder & Company to finance the alteration work at the distillery. The distillery was virtually rebuilt in 1897 using the money from Patisson. Despite honest sharing of the Glenfarclas profits, Patisson went bankrupt in 1899, and the distillery once again became the exclusive property of the Grants. The production capacity was doubled in 1960. Two more stills were installed in 1976. The current manager, John, is the fifth generation of Grants to manage Glenfarclas. Glenfarclas is one of the few independent and family distilleries left in Scotland today.

The distillery was one of the first distilleries to market a cask strength version of its malt, the Glenfarclas 105 which is highly rated by whisky drinkers. Nearly half of the production is marketed as single malt, the remaining part is used in blends.

Glenfarclas Tasting Notes

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old Single Malt.
An amber-gold, offering delightful fruit, oak and sweet sensations, finish long and flavoursome.

Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength.
A deep peaty-gold, spirity yet amazingly smooth and dry. Finish rich and long lasting.

Glenfarclas 21 Year Old Single Malt.
A dark amber-gold, full sweet vanilla delicately smoked with a rich and long lasting finish.

Glenfarclas 30 Year Old Single Malt.
Outright trophy winner at the International Spirits Challenge 1996 from an entry of over 110 malt whiskies. A full complex aroma combining fruit and spices similar to a fruit cake, an extraordinary deep spirit, warm and rich leaving a lingering fruit and nut chocolate feel on the palate.

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Glenfarclas Bottlings

Glenfarclas offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • 10 Year Old Single Malt.
  • 12 Year Old Single Malt.
  • 105 Cask Strength.
  • 15 Year Old Single Malt.
  • 25 Year Old Single Malt.
  • 30 Year Old Single Malt.
  • 40 Year Old Single Malt.
  • You will find that there are many more rare vintage bottlings and some independent bottlings of Glenfarclas single malt whisky available from specialist whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange.

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