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Glenburgie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Whisky production was established at Glenburgie distillery in 1829 by William Paul. The distillery was originally called Kilnflat in those days, and William Paul remained the owner of the distillery up until 1871 when whisky production stopped.In 1878 it began producing again and the distillery was renamed Glenburgie. The distillery was hit hard by prohibition and went bankrupt in 1925, a lawyer from Elgin then became the owner of Glenburgie after this bankruptcy.

George Ballantine & Son took over the distillery in 1936. The Ballantine company belonged to Hiram Walker which later became part of Allied Distillers. Allied Distillers is still the current owner. Back in 1936 the distillery was refurbished and its production capacity was doubled in 1957. In the same period, two Lomond stills were installed. These stills were in use up until 1981, when they were replaced by traditional pot stills. This Lomond stills were used to produce a malt called Glencraig, named after William Craig who was Ballantine's manager at the time.

A large percentage of the malt whisky produced at the Glenburgie distillery is used mainly in Hiram Walkers blends such as Teacher's and Ballantine's.


Glenburgie Tasting Notes

Glenburgie 1963 40 Year Old Single Malt Gordon & MacPhail Independent Bottling.
Sorry no tasting notes available at present but in general Glenburgie is a lightly herbal aromatic malt whisky.

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Glenburgie Bottlings

Glenburgie offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Glenburgie-Glenlivet 5 Year Old Original Bottling 1980's.
  • Glenburgie 1963 40 Year Old Bottled 2003
    Gordon & MacPhail Independent Bottling.
  • 1962 37 Year Old Limited of 180 Bottles
    Samaroli - A very exclusive independent range.
  • 1969 36 Year Old Bottled July 2005.
  • Glenburgie malt whisky is very rare and can only be found by the general public at specialist whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange.

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