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Glen Mhor Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Loch Ness
Closed 1983
The Glen Mhor distillery was built in 1892 by Birnie and Mackinlay. From 1892 until 1972 Glen Mhor single malt whisky was produced and managed by the Birnie family. Glen Mhor was once powered by a water turbine, and was the first distillery to use Saladin boxes for the malting of barley. In 1972, the distillery became property of the D.C.L (Distillers Company Ltd) which became United Distillers & Vintners. DCL sadly closed the distillery in 1983. The distillery was demolished in 1986 and a shopping centre was erected on the site.

Availability of original bottlings of Glen Mhor are getting very rare as time passes, so if you are thinking of adding a bottle to your collection don't leave it to long. You can still find bottlings from independent bottlers such as Gordon & MacPhail, but even these are getting harder to find.

Glen Mhor Tasting Notes

Glen Mhor 1979 Gordon & MacPhail Bottling
Colour: Golden.
Nose: Sherried and dried fruits - figs and dates. Hint of cereal, malty aroma.
Taste: Full - oily and smoky, herbal with floral notes. A sweet, rounding fruitiness - sherry and ripe fruits. Touch of dark chocolate.
Finish: Dry, charred oak.

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Glen Mhor Bottlings

Glen Mhor offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Glen Mhor 1979 Gordon & MacPhail Bottled 2004.
  • 10 Year Old Original Bottling Biege Label Frrom 1960's.
  • 6 Year Old Original Bottling Isle of Jura Bottle.
  • 22 Year Old 1979 Rare Malts Series.
  • 28 Year Old 1976 Rare Malts Series.
  • 34 Year Old 1966 Bottled 2000.
  • You will find more bottlings including original bottlings and some independent bottlings available to buy from whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange.

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