Whisky Focus - The Gladstone Axe American Oak Review

The Gladstone Axe American Oak Review

22nd June 2021
Review of The Gladstone Axe American Oak Scotch Blended Malt whisky.

The Gladstone Axe American OakThe Gladstone Axe is a new whisky brand from New York, USA based fine wine and spirits company, Biggar and Leith, which recently launched with two new Scotch blended malt whiskies.

The whiskies were named in honour of four-times UK Prime Minister William Gladstone who was Prime Minister during the reign of Queen Victoria, they were created by his great-great-great Grandson, Elwyn Gladstone, Founder of Biggar and Leith.

Prime Minister William Gladstone had a legendary collection of axes and a passion for felling trees as a way of relaxing and exercising and people would come from around the country to watch him chopping trees.

The first of those two whiskies is The Gladstone Axe American Oak, a blend of 14 Highland and Islay single malt whiskies, with the American Oak having less of the peaty Islay whiskies in the vatting, it was aged and finished in American Oak Bourbon barrels.

Elwyn Gladstone says: "We are really excited to be launching a new blended malt whisky bearing the name of my ancestor who was a great figurehead. In 1860, he signed the Spirts Act which allowed the blending of Scotch Whisky for the first time, essentially creating the Scotch Whisky industry as we know it today.

"Our family origins are in Scotland and Gladstone had a love for the country. He said, “There is not a drop of blood in me that is not Scottish.” I am proud to be able to honour him with this exciting new modern classic whisky."

The Gladstone Axe American Oak has been bottled at 41% ABV and is presented in a premium decanter style bottle with a wax seal and a handy thumb print dimple in the side of the dumpy bottle to keep a good grip of the bottle when pouring a dram.

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Barley sugar sweet vanilla toffee, a wee touch of red apple, ripe pear and a little oak spice lurking in the background.

Taste: Exactly what the nose said was coming some delicious barley sugar sweet vanilla toffee but with a honeyed edge now, the touch of apple and oak spice are still there adding to the pleasure.

Finish: The sugars bitter out leaving some slightly drying oak, peppery spice and a lovely faint touch of peat smoke makes a late appearance.

Comment: This one has grown on me after a few drams over a couple of nights, if you enjoy a sweet big toffee'd dram you will like this.

SMW Blended Malt Whisky Score 83/100

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