Douglas Laing Whisky Independent Bottler

Douglas Laing Whisky Independent Bottler

Douglas Laing & Co is a Glasgow based independent blender and bottler which was established by Fred Douglas Laing over 60 years ago in 1948 and today is in the hands of his son Fred.

Fred senior started the business by buying the company that owned the King of Scots. Then, by starting his own filling programme which is still carried on to this day, he developed a great nose and kept his notes in a "special book". When it came time for his two sons Stewart and his brother Fred to enter the whisky business, he was shrewd enough to send them out to work elsewhere.

Stewart went to work for Ballantines and Fred went to Whyte & Mackay and White Horse. Meanwhile Fred senior developed their blends and, when he died in 1984, he had written down all the specs in a "special book" for them to work from. Going to work elsewhere helped Stewart & Fred to build up a network of contacts, but the special book continues to be invaluable for them.

A large part of the Laing portfolio stems from their extensive filling programme, first put in place for their King of Scots blend and now stored and maturing in distillery warehouses across Scotland.

Douglas Laing & Co started seriously bottling single malt whiskies in the 1998 to cater for the increasing interest in single malts. They have now released thousands of single malts and are considered one of the top independent bottlers in the industry offering an excellent portfolio of single malts which have been bottled in small batches or from single casks.

In May 2013 the two brothers announced that they were going their separate ways and focusing on different projects. Fred Laing realised his career-long ambition of taking total control of Douglas Laing & Co. the business his father Fred Douglas Laing established in 1948, which is now regarded as one of Scotlandís most successful independent Scotch Whisky blenders and bottlers. As Fred restructured for the future, he announced that the company will maintain tradition with a senior appointment from the third generation of the family; his daughter Cara Laing who joined the company as Head of Brands Marketing having previously led both Bowmore and Glen Garioch Single Malts as Marketing Manager.

When the two brothers split the assets of Douglas Laing were also split, Fred took total control  of Douglas Laing. Stewart, under the new company Hunter Laing & Co. retained Old Malt Cask, the Old & Rare Selection, Douglas (of Drumlanrig) range of Single Malts, Douglas Blend, House Of Peers, Sovereign Single Grain and John Player Special blend as well as the bottling facility in East Kilbride.

Douglas Laing under Fred retained the Single Cask Provenance range, Directorís Cut, Double Barrel, Premier Barrel, Clan Denny Malts and Grains, Epicurean Blend, the King Of Scots range, McGibbon's and Big Peat.

In September 2013 Douglas Laing launched Douglas Laing Old Particular; a new core Single Malt Single Cask range and the first new brand in the new era at Douglas Laing.

Today you can probably find more than 100 different expressions of Douglas Laing whisky available at any one time. They offer a very extensive portfolio of varying ages from 10 up to 45 years of age.

Their extensive range comes from over 60 years of filling great whiskies, and working hard to source and exchange good whisky and building strong relationships with a wide range of distillery owners to ensure a constant supply of top quality malt and grains to their customers.

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