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Convalmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Spring in Conval Hills
William Grant & Sons
Mothballed 1985
Convalmore takes its name from the Conval hills to the west of the distillery. The distillery was established by Convalmore - Glenlivet Distillery Company and production began in February of 1894. In 1907 Convalmore was almost completely destroyed by a fire, the still house was the only part that was saved. The distillery was rebuilt and a continuous still was put in, they began experimenting with continuous distillation of malt whisky. This experiment was later abandoned when they found it was affecting the spirit during maturation. DCL took over the distillery in 1930, it was mothballed in 1985. It was bought by William Grant & Sons, who own the neighbouring Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie, to be used as warehouse space.

Up until 2005 Convalmore had only ever been bottled as a single malt by independent bottlers never by the distillers, but a very rare original bottling was released in 2005 of a 28 Year Old cask strength Convalmore single malt. This is a very rare original bottling which you will only find at specialist whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange.

Convalmore Tasting Notes

Convalmore Single Malt.
Sorry we have no individual tasting notes available for Convalmore at present but the house style for the Convalmore distillery is: Malty, syrupy, fruity, biggish. A excellent after dinner dram.

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Convalmore Bottlings

Convalmore offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Convalmore 1977 28 Year Old Cask Strength A Very Rare Original Bottling - Bottled 2005.
  • 1978 24 Year Old Rare Malt Series.
  • 1981 17 Year Old Bottled 1998.
  • 1977 26 Year Old Sherrywood.

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