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Cardhu Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Springs on the Mannoch Hill or the Lyne Burn
United Distillers & Vintners
+44 (0)1340 872555
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Cardhu distillery was established in 1824 by the local farmer John Cumming. Cardhu was built on a site where illicit distilling had been in progress since about 1813.

The Cardhu whisky company joined Johnnie Walker in 1893 and to this day Cardhu malt whisky is the basis of the Johnnie Walkers blends, Red, Black, Green and Blue labels.

Cardhu is an easy, light whisky that provides a comfortable introduction to those new to single malts. The water supply for the distillery is piped from a site about two miles away, close to the location from where it gets its peat. The facilities were modernized extensively in 1965.

The distillery is located in the town of Knockando, which, incidentally, has a distillery by the same name. This, along with other spellings "Cardow" and "Cardoor", can present a fairly confusing scenario for the geography and history of this single malt. Cardhu's winsome personality and "good taste", however, will make things right in short order after the proper introduction.

Cardhu Tasting Notes

Cardhu 12 Year Old Single Malt.
Colour: Pale, light amber.
Nose: Medium-bodied, with a hint of sweetness and peat. Excellent bouquet.
Taste: Smooth, light to medium, mellow flavor. Malty sweetness and a hint of peat.
Finish: Long, lingering and sweet. Some peat comes through.

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Cardhu Bottlings

Cardhu offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Cardhu 12 Year Old Single Malt.
  • Cardhu 1982 22 Years Old Limited Edition.
  • Cardhu 15 Year Managers Dram Bottled July 1989.
  • Cardhu 1973 27 Year Old Rare Malt Series.
  • Many more vintage and independent bottlings available from specialist whisky shops such as
    The Whisky Exchange.

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