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Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof Review

9th February 2012

Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof is one of three new travel retail exclusive expressions released in March 2012 by Bowmore.

The term ‘proof spirit’ was first coined by British sailors during the 18th century who would check that their rum rations hadn’t been watered down by mixing it with gunpowder and lighting it. If it would still light, this proved it was 100% proof.

Unless you buy your bottle off a shady looking character in a dimly lit car park and not at an airport there should be no need to verify Bowmore’s authenticity or strength. Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof is a small batch release which has been bottled at a cask strength of 57.1% ABV and what makes it even more interesting it is non-chillfiltered.

Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof is presented in Bowmore's recently modified and more environmentally friendly lighter weight glass bottle and completely recyclable carton. Now available exclusively in travel retail outlets, RRP £49.99

Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof Tasting Notes

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose:  Barley sugar, vanilla, peach and a lovely delicate touch of peat smoke and fresh coastal aroma.

Taste: Delicious rich sweet mild smoke, vanilla, lemon.

Finish: Long and lingering, sweet vanilla brushed with smoke, the oak dries slowly bringing coffee as the sweetness slowly fades.

Comment: I could have nosed this one all day long. In the mouth it becomes a little smokier over time and it has a deliciously long finish. No need to add a drop of water, even with all its 57.1% strength it is still smooth. This really is a very well made Bowmore. Just £50 for a 1 litre bottle of un-chillfiltered cask strength Bowmore whisky of this quality is a steal. I do have a soft spot for Bowmore and this really is a great example of how good Bowmore can be.

SMW Score 93/100

Bowmore Travel Retail Range

The Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof alongside the also newly released Bowmore Spring Tide and limited edition Bowmore 1983 will join Bowmore's existing global travel retail/duty free range which are Bowmore Surf, Enigma 12 Year Old, Mariner 15 Year Old and 17 Year Old. The three new additions to the range will be available from March 2012.

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