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Banff Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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River Nevis
United Distillers
Demolished 1983
Banff Whisky Distillery is no longer in existence. It was completely demolished in 1983 and the entire whisky inventory of the distillery was sold off, mainly to  blenders. Luckily, some of the casks went to the independent bottlers. Which means some lucky whisky connoisseurs will get to experience this soon to be extinct Speyside malt whisky.

The distillery was originally founded in 1824 by James McKilligan and Company. In 1877 it was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt. During World War II the distillery was utilised as billets for the British army. However, this did not stop a lone German aircraft from bombing the distillery warehouse which then burned to the ground. The local newspaper reported that thousands of gallons of whisky were lost, either by burning or running to waste over the land. The article also stated that even the farm animals grazing in the area became visibly intoxicated. It was said that even the cows could not be milked because they could not stand up and many ducks and geese in the nearby ponds and waterways were killed from alcohol overdose. The distillery was rebuilt in 1941. Sadly in 1983 whisky production finally stopped and the distillery was demolished.

Banff Tasting Notes

Aromatic fragrant, heather and smoke with traces of citrus. Subtle sweetness, good mouth grip with creamy overtones which finish with a refreshing bite.

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Banff Bottlings

There are still a few independent bottlings of Banff single malts around, but sadly as time goes by even these bottlings are getting hard to find.
  • 1966 31 Year Old Single Malt Bottled August 1998.
  • 1966 36 Year Old Sherry Cask Bottled Sept 2002.
  • 1975 29 Year Old Single Malt Bottled August 2005.
  • 1976 30 Year Old Single Malt Bottled August 2005.
  • 1977 24 Year Old Single Malt Bottled August 2002.
  • 1982 24 Year Old Rare Malt Series.

The above bottlings of Banff Single Malt Whisky are available from The Whisky Exchange (Hurry before its extinct.)

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