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Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The Balvenie distillery is owned by William Grant & Sons Ltd and is one of the few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland today. The Balvenie Distillery is quite unique in that it grows some of its own barley, and still does its own floor maltings. It also has its own cooper to maintain the barrels in which its whisky is matured.

The Balvenie Distillery was founded in 1892 near the ruins of Balvenie Castle. It is located right next to its more famous sister distillery Glenfiddich, which is also owned by the Grant family. Both distilleries share the same malt supply and water source, but that is where the similarities end as the Balvenie and Glenfiddich whiskies are completely different in character. Although the Glenfiddich is more popular in terms of sales, whisky lovers generally regard The Balvenie as the stronger of the two in terms of quality across the range.

If you have never had the chance to try this creamy malt, the Balvenie Signature 12 year old is a very good starting point.

Balvenie Tasting Notes

The Balvenie is a creamy malt which is known for its signature richness and honey notes. It almost certainly one of the best after dinner drams there is.  Excellent, pure delight.

Balvenie 10 Year Old, Founder's Reserve.
Colour: Medium gold. Nose: Rich, full with some fruitiness. Light to medium sweetness and quite mellow, with some smokiness. Full bodied. Palate: Smooth, medium-dry, with some malt and a trace of honey and oak. The sherry comes through to a slight degree. Finish: Maintains a medium, but rich, aftertaste with the light sherry notes persisting.

Balvenie 12 Year Old Double Wood.
Colour: Amber. Nose: The sherry comes through due to the second. Full bodied. Palate: Mellow, rich and smooth. An interesting complexity that will make you pay attention to detail as you taste this very unique malt. Finish: Warming. Long-lasting, with the complexity still getting one's attention. The sherry is evident, with a most interesting fullness.

Balvenie 17 Year Old Finished in Islay Casks.
The Balvenie Islay Cask was transferred from the traditional oak whisky casks in which it had matured for at least 17 years, to casks which had previously held Islay Single Malt. The result is a characteristically well-matured Balvenie; its soft, sweet oak notes are beautifully balanced with a delicate hint of peat and its lingering finish is richly honeyed.

Balvenie 21 Year Old Port Wood Finnish.
Rich and honeyed with great depth. Amber colour. A welcomed addition to the Balvenie line. It expresses the distillery's signature richness and honey notes. The extra aging provides depth and dryness which dovetails nicely with port notes, turning nutty and dry on the finish. Very sophisticated.

Balvenie 25 Year Old Single Cask.
In 2001 it won a Gold Medal in the International Spirits Challenge. Some bourbon casks will continue to improve well beyond 15 years, and The Balvenie Malt Master selects some of these rare casks for bottling as The Balvenie Single Cask 25 Year Old. Like Single Cask 15 Year Old, each bottle is unique and hand-numbered, but the maximum number of bottles taken from any one cask is only 250. Nose: Sweet honeyed, oaky notes with a fragrant fruity bouquet. Taste: In the mouth the initial dryness immediately changes to a sweet honeyed burst of flavour that has butterscotch and toffee notes, rounded off with a vanilla oakiness. A well matured single malt, which has a long and lingering finish.

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Balvenie Bottlings

Balvenie offer you a huge choice of single malts, here are just a few of there bottlings:
  • 10 Year Old Founder's Reserve.
  • 12 Year Old Double Wood.
  • 10 Year Old Rum Wood Finish.
  • 15 Year Old Single Cask.
  • 17 Year Old Finished in Islay Casks.
  • 21 Year Old Port Wood Finnish.
  • 25 Year Old Single Cask Bottling.
  • 30 Year Old.
  • 1991 Port Wood Finish.
  • 1952 50 Year Old Cask 191.
  • 1937 50 Year Old Limited Edition.
  • 1966 32 Year Old Single Vintage Cask Bottling.
  • 1968 32 Year Old Single Cask Bottling.
  • 1970 31 Year Old Single Cask Bottling.
  • 1971 34 Year Old Bottled 2005.
  • 1972 31 Year Old Single Cask.
  • 1973 31 Year Old Single Cask.
  • Balvenie 6 Year Old Made Especially For Ladies.

Many more bottlings are available, but we would recommend The Whisky Exchange for a good selection including many rare Balvenie bottlings.

Balvenie Reviews

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