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Woodford Reserve

16th June 2010

Extract From 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die a whisky book from whisky expert Ian Buxton.

Donít make the mistake of asking directions to Versailles in a European accent (as I once did). All you get from the locals are blank looks Ė itís ĎVersalesí! But when you get there some things at least will seem familiar Ė especially the still room.

And thatís because the distinctive pot stills in which Woodford Reserve is distilled were manufactured in Rothes, Scotland and shipped to Kentucky where a distiller from Scotland taught the locals how to use them.

Single batch bourbon was, in essence, the USí answer to the phenomenon of single malt Scotch and an attempt to make bourbon, which had acquired a blue-collar image, chic once again. Well, itís worked and Woodford Reserve was one of the first to show that it could be done.

The parent company, Brown-Forman Corporation (who also own Jack Daniels), invested around $14m in restoring the old Labrot & Graham distillery which they had owned for 30 years from 1941. They sold it in 1971 but bought it back in 1994, turned it into a showpiece, and re-branded it as Woodford Reserve in 2003.

At first the product was actually another B-F brand, Old Forester, but today theyíre understandably coy about that piece of marketing legerdemain. Not that it matters, the Woodford Reserve youíre going to drink is the real thing. The distillery, which is quite Brown-Formanís pride and joy, is on an unusual boutique scale (well, for the USA anyway), and stresses the contribution to spirit character of its limestone spring water, cypress fermentation vessels, small pot stills and stone warehouses. The result is a Kentucky classic.

Ian Buxton's Tasting Note For Woodford Reserve

Colour: Dark honey.
Nose: Vanilla sweetness, honey, fresh fruits and hints of
Taste: Rich and warming, with layers of mint, tobacco, leather
and fruit. Smooth and full-bodied. Will seem sweet to
the European palate.
Finish: Smooth and warming, very consistent and balanced

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