William Cadenhead Whisky Independent Bottler

William Cadenhead Whisky Independent Bottler

William Cadenhead Ltd, Wine and Spirit Merchants, was founded in 1842 and is Scotland's oldest independent bottler. The company was in the ownership of the same family until it was taken over by J & A Mitchell & Co.Ltd in 1972, the proprietors of Springbank distillery.

J & A Mitchell & Co moved the the Cadenhead main office and bottling facilities to Campbeltown, close to the Springbank Distillery and warehouses.

Today the name of Cadenhead is a household name in the whisky world and J & A Mitchell have expanded the Cadenhead business whilst still keeping the goals and traditional methods the firm began with in 1842.

Colouring is never added to Cadenhead's Single Malts nor are they subjected to any filtering that might remove natural constituents and spoil their flavours. They offer three different ranges of of whisky which are the Authentic Collection, the Original Collection and the Chairman's Stock.

Authentic Collection
The Authentic Collection whiskies are bottled undiluted at their natural high maturing strength and are not subject to any artificial chemical processing. It is uncommon for more than one cask of any single whisky to be bottled at one time. Their list therefore varies constantly and no two bottlings, even of whiskies of the same age and from the same distillery are absolutely identical. This contrasts with the practice of many other firms which attempt to obtain a uniformity by mixing together the contents of many casks.

Original Collection
Original Collection whisky is bottled from specially selected individual casks. With the exception of the addition of water, added to bring the whisky to a drinking strength, it has been bottled in its natural state. It will have the unique flavour and aroma of its individual cask.

Chairmans Stock
The chairman has allowed Cadenhead to purchase some parcels of his own private stock of older aged whiskies which will be bottled by Cadenhead gradually over a number of years. Quantities will be very limited and, of course, many will be unrepeatable. This is a unique opportunity to purchase what is truly a collector's dream.

William Cadenhead whisky can be found in specialist whisky shops as well as in their own shops throughout Europe including Campbeltown, Edinburgh, London, Cologne, Berlin, Odense, Denmark, Baden, Krakow and Poland Milan.

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