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The NEAT Glass Review

24th October 2014
The Neat Glass, not quite the next big thing in whisky tasting glasses.

The Neat Glass is quite a different looking whisky tasting glass compared to the Glencairn or copita style whisky glass which would be the glass of choice for most single malt whisky drinkers. The NEAT Glass was invented in America and from today it will be available in the UK and Ireland, so I thought I would take a look at it and put it through its paces as I am a bit of a sucker for different shapes and styles of whisky glasses.

Alcohol burn is one of the biggest factors which effects the whisky nosing and tasting experience, the makers of the The NEAT Glass say their tasting glass provides the solution to that. They say through its unique shape, The NEAT Glass contributes to eliminating alcohol burn, allowing you to enjoy more aroma, scent and taste than with other whisky glasses and heightening the pleasure of the whisky tasting experience which is some rather big claims.

The story behind the rather unusual looking NEAT Glass is rather unusual also. Its inventor, George Manska, actually created the glass by accident in a glass blowing session. Despite this, its curious shape and style intrigued George, and he chose to keep this unusual glass.

Apparently one day when looking for a tumbler to sample some of his favourite whisky, he chose the 'accidental glass' from the shelf. Upon drinking from it, George was amazed at the fuller scent and more intense flavour that this unique glass seemed to provide. From that day on, he introduced his new glass to many others, from family and friends, to whisky advocates and experts and now he is introducing the rather unusual looking NEAT glass to the UK and Ireland.

I decided to put The NEAT Glass through its paces next to the popular Glencairn whisky tasting glass and a copita style tasting glass which is my personal personal choice of glass when tasting a whisky. To test the new glass I choose a whisky which I am very familiar with, the Glenfiddich Distillery Edition 15 year old which has a alcohol strength of 51% ABV.

My conclusion is that it does eliminate alcohol burn but at the cost of the aroma of the whisky, it does not concentrate and direct the aromas of the whisky anywhere near as well as a Glencairn or copita glass. I find it quite an odd glass to hold, having to hold it by its flared rim so as not to cup the glass in my hand and warm the whisky. Taking a sip is like drinking from a bowl and to finish the whisky in the glass you have to tip it right up to get the last drops over the rim.

This is probably the worst whisky tasting glass I have tried and it will certainly not change the way whisky drinkers take their whisky. I for one will be sticking to my Glencairn and copita style whisky tasting glasses and I doubt I will ever pick up The Neat Glass again. I have had the NEAT Glass over a week now and have tried it a few times, I have tried to like it but I don't, not even a little bit. To be honest I would choose a whisky tumbler before The NEAT Glass. I really cannot recommend it at all.

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