The Managers Choice Whisky - Rare Limited Edition Single Cask Whisky Series

The Managers Choice Single Cask Whisky

4th September 2009

The Managers Choice Release Details

This is the first 6 of 27 single cask malt whiskies released in the new The Managers’ Choice Series, these were released September 2009.
Single Malt Distilled Bottled No. of Bottles UK RRP
Cardhu 1997 2009 252 £250
Glen Elgin 1998 2009 534 £250
Linkwood 1996 2009 480 £200
Mortlach 1997 2009 240 £250
Oban 2000 2009 534 £300
Teaninich 1996 2009 246 £200

About The Managers Choice

September 2009 Diageo launched the first batch of its first ever complete collection of single-cask malt whiskies. This first batch includes Teaninich, Glen Elgin, Linkwood, Oban, Mortlach and Cardhu single-cask malt whiskies.

This is the first time that Scotland's biggest estate of single malt distilleries has issued a comprehensive series of single-cask bottlings.

Labelled The Managers' Choice, the rare limited-edition series is aimed at collectors and connoisseurs who will enjoy owning and exploring an unusual expression of their favourite single malt or even a whole anthology of highly individual single malts, chosen to represent each of Diageo's 27 distilleries’ distinctive but authentic whisky signature.

The releases are being staged in batches over the next year. September 2009 sees the first release of six malts.

Each one of Diageo's 27 distilleries’ is represented in The Managers’ Choice by a bottling of its single malt whisky drawn from one single cask, selected after a careful examination of distillery stocks. The cask was nosed, tasted, discussed and finally chosen as the most distinctive expression of that distillery’s single malts by a judging panel of acknowledged experts, including leading maturation experts and the distillery managers themselves.

In many cases, unusual cask woods will have had their influence on the final result. Perfect maturation and spirit quality have been the criteria, resulting in a bottling that delights with original and sometimes unexpected flavours whilst allowing the distillery character to still shine through.

Depending on the size of the cask and the rate of evaporation over the years since it was filled, the volume of bottles obtained can vary between approximately 600 and as little as 200.These are, consequently, extremely rare and distinctive whiskies.

Once picked, each cask is bottled at its natural cask strength, without chill filtering. Nothing is allowed to affect the natural taste and aromas of the whisky.

This means that the liquid the connoisseur pours into his or her glass is exactly as it emerged directly from the cask when it was hand-picked a few months earlier by the experts - it's as good as a dram drawn from the cask in the warehouse itself.

Diageo whisky specialist Craig Wallace explained the challenge of selecting a single cask for a bottling that will be made available to a discerning and knowledgeable consumer audience:

“When you’re selecting casks for a bigger bottling, you can work with a wider variation of maturity, distillery character and wood influence because you can even it out and aim for consistency”

“But when you are bottling a single cask, you can't do that: you have to get the balance totally right when selecting the cask. And it's highly unlikely, whatever single cask you choose this time, that you'd ever be able to replicate that precise flavour profile the next time you look for one. ”

“So finding a single cask with just the right balance is actually very challenging.”

Classic Malts Selection spokesperson Nick Morgan said: “We have occasionally issued single-cask bottlings of individual single malt whiskies before, for instance for visitors to the annual Islay Festival. And single-cask bottlings of our malts can sometimes be obtained from independent bottlers.

“But this is a much more ambitious venture  -  the most extensive collection we’ve ever released of single cask malt whisky bottlings, from 27 of our operational malt distilleries, involving both the well-known and those whose product isn’t widely available.

“Each individual distillery cask selected by the experts after an extensive examination has doubly earned its place in The Managers’ Choice, regardless of its age: because it faithfully illuminates that distillery's individual DNA, and also because it will offer the connoisseur a different, interesting and perhaps unexpected experience of that whisky.”

Watch this space for news of the next batch of releases in this rare limited-edition series which should be in November 2009 or simply subscribe to our free Whisky Newsletter and we will let you know by email.

More About The Managers Choice

Want to know more about The Managers Choice Series then why not read an Interview With Craig Wallace a Diageo Malt Whisky Specialist, about his contribution to The Managers’ Choice project.

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The Managers Choice Availability

The Managers Choice bottlings are available from specialist retailers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands only.

Where To Buy The Managers Choice

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Note: Diageo has 28 operational single malt whisky distilleries, but spirit distilled at Diageo’s new distillery at Roseisle is not available yet.

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