Malt Whisky Tasting Tips Guide

Malt Whisky Tasting Tips Guide

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Here are some tasting tips to help you better appreciate Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Getting Ready
Pour yourself a small measure of single malt whisky. A glass that is narrower at the top than the bottom is best, similar to the Whisky Snifter glass shown. Hold it by the stem, Do not warm the glass in your hand. Have a bottle of Scottish spring water handy this should be still water not carbonated and the water should not be chilled.
Checking the Colour
Hold your glass of malt up to the light. The colour of the whisky is not necessarily an indication of single malts age but more an indication how it was matured. As the cask in which a malt is matured imparts colour and flavour, you can hazard a guess that a golden coloured single malt has been matured in a sherry oak cask and if the colour of the whisky is very pale this would suggest that bourbon casks have been used.
Check Out the Legs on it
Hold the glass by the stem, tilt it at an angle and rotate it briskly coating the walls of the glass with whisky. Now hold the glass up straight and watch the whisky forming the "legs" as it runs down the sides of the glass. The slower the legs, the more unguent the liquid, the older the whisky.
Nosing the Whisky
Hold your glass away from you, then pass it smoothly under your nose taking a deep breath through your nose as it passes. Think about what you can smell and try to imagine what the smell reminds you of. Take a mental note of what you detected then repeat the process a couple more times.
Tasting the Whisky
Form your tongue into a small spoon shape in your mouth, then take a small sip from your glass. Let the whisky rest on your tongue. You may feel a little over whelmed at first as your mind tries to identify the constantly changing complex aromas and flavours. Try to think what these aromas and flavours remind you of? It could be chocolate, apples, oranges, the sea, bonfires, new mown grass, summer. Whatever they remind you of is OK, its your taste buds. You mind should now be able to identify that single malt next time you taste it.
Add a little Scottish Spring Water
Adding a little Scottish spring water can enhance the aroma and flavour of a whisky and bring out the whiskies hidden characteristics. Don't drown it, about 20% water should be enough. Shoogle the glass, to mix the water and the whisky. You should now find the resulting mixture mellower and more drinkable. Now just follow the tasting guide above again, you might even think you are tasting a different single malt whisky.

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