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Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction III

18th October 2023
Tamdhu unveils the third batch in their Quercus Alba Distinction series, this latest instalment continues to celebrate the unmistakable characteristics of first-fill American oak Oloroso sherry cask maturation.

Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction IIITamdhu Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky today unveiled the third limited-edition batch in it Quercus Alba Distinction series

As I am sure those of you familiar with Tamdhu's single malts will already know, all the whisky they produce exclusively undergo full maturation within European and American oak sherry casks. This latest release, Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction III, from the Speyside distillery proudly continues its tradition and specifically highlights the distinctive qualities of first-fill American oak Oloroso sherry cask aging.

The Quercus Alba Distinction series embarks on a unique journey shared by all three limited editions to date. It commences in the oak forests of North America, from where the casks are imported into Spain. In the 'sherry triangle' of Spain, skilled craftsmen meticulously shape these casks over a span of six years. The cask staves are left to bask in the Mediterranean sun, subsequently assembled, toasted by experienced coopers, and seasoned with Oloroso sherry, culminating in a lengthy voyage to reach Tamdhu. This harmonious blend of cask and spirit imparts flavours of vanilla, rich fruits, and a naturally captivating amber hue.

Upon nosing, Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction III is said to unveil notes of delightful shortbread dipped in vanilla cream, accompanied by a burst of citrus and peppermint. The palate is said to be graced by a gentle, velvety oak, transitioning to flavours of plums and chocolate limes. The finish is adorned with indulgent dried cherries, complemented by hints of honeycomb.

Sandy McIntyre, Tamdhu Distillery Manager, said: "This series truly celebrates the very best in American Oak Oloroso Sherry casks and we’re excited to release the third expression in this collection."

Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction III has been bottled at 48% ABV and has a RRP of £70, it will be available f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction III Review

Bottled at 48% ABV.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Shortbread dipped in vanilla cream, oak, citrus and peppermint.

Taste: Rich, soft oak coats the mouth – giving way to plums and chocolate limes.

Finish: Unshakeable sherried oak fades to dried cherries and honeycomb.

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