Whisky Focus - New Look Sustainable Packaging For Talisker 10 Year Old

New Look Sustainable Packaging For Talisker 10 Year Old

8th June 2021
New sustainable packaging for Talisker 10 year old but don't worry it is still the same classic, sweet, malty, peppery, spicy, smoky whisky in the bottle.

Talisker 10 Year Old with new sustainable packaging.Diageo has given its classic Scotch single malt whisky Talisker 10 Year Old a sustainable packaging makeover, but don't worry they haven't changed the whisky you will find in the bottle it is still the same classic sweet malty, seaweedy, peppery, spicy, smoky dram that you will be familiar with.

You may have already spotted the new look bottle and packaging appearing on the shelves of whisky shops. I have to say that it is great to see Diageo introducing new sustainable packaging for such a popular big selling whisky as the Talisker 10 year old which I am told that they are doing as part of their wider 2030 sustainability action plan, so I am sure we will see more sustainable packaging being rolled out across other Diageo owned whisky brands going forward.

The new packaging has increased the recyclability of the iconic Talisker 10 year old to 99.8%, whilst improvements on the bottle have also been made. Reducing plastic components by 86%, the original plastic stopper has been replaced with a premium wooden stopper.

The full list of improvements and benefits for the Talisker 10 year old include:
  • The reduction in packaging weight by 6% (since 2020) – this will reduce materials used by 28 tonnes across 2021, meaning less waste to be managed per bottle.
  • The recyclability of the packaging has increased to 99.8%, by weight.
  • The reduction of plastic components by 86% to only 0.77g per bottle.

The pack overhaul is part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. In 2020, Talisker announced its partnership with Parley, and the scotch whisky brand continues to uphold the commitment to support and protect 100 million square miles of marine ecosystems around the world by 2023.

Pranay Chandra, Malt Whisky Marketing Manager, comments: "Made on the shores of the Isle of Skye, Talisker is committed to its drive to protect the planet, ensuring our whiskies are produced sustainably. The new packaging will increase the recyclability of the Talisker portfolio significantly and we’re continuously seeking ways to achieve our sustainability goals.

"Consumers are increasingly conscious of their own environmental impact, and we are dedicated to supporting and being a part of this. We understand that there is still more to do, however this is a significant step towards our goals of making all Talisker packaging recyclable by 2030, as well as working towards zero waste across our supply chain."

The new look Talisker 10 year old with sustainable packaging has already started to be rolled out and you will soon find it along with the rest of the Talisker whisky range available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange, Amazon and Master of Malt

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