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Help Support Scottish Association for Mental Health

17th August 2018
Support Elite Control Systems and Asset Guardian Solutions Mud Buds team in their effort to raise funds for the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Elite Control Systems and Asset Guardian Solutions Mud Buds team supporting Scottish Association for Mental Health.

OK this is a little off subject but I am sure you will agree its for a very good cause.

Two Scottish control systems companies, Elite Control Systems and Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd of Livingston, Scotland who normally provide systems integration and engineering support services and who recently provided a fully operational process control system for the new Macallan distillery have teamed up to help raise at least £1,000 for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) to support its ongoing efforts to provide critical mental health support services, and reduce the rising rate of suicide.

Tough Mudder Challenge Encourages Teamwork to Overcome Obstacles

To achieve this, the two companies created the Mud Buds, a team of employees who will take part in this yearís Tough Mudder 5K Challenge in Edinburghís Holyrood Park on 25 August 2018.

The event takes place next week, and although they are close to their target figure of , £1,000, they are still a bit short of their fundraising goal.

As they throw themselves into the 5K challenge, I would ask you to please give any support you can financial or by sharing this appeal for support with others and encouraging everyone to donate to the SAMH now.

To donate just visit the teamís JustGiving page at:


"Itís not a race, itís a challenge in every sense of the word," said Brian Sneddon, General Manager of Elite Control Systems. The Mud Buds must work together to overcome 10 physical obstacles spread over a 5K course. These include the Pyramid Scheme, Giant A-Hole, Everest and Bale Bonds, and are designed to encourage working as a team to complete each one.

Overcoming mental health problems is possible

"For many, overcoming mental health issues makes completing the Tough Mudder Challenge look like a walk in the park," said Sneddon. "Our message is that by working together and supporting one another, we can overcome all kinds of challenges, especially mental health problems. We are absolutely dedicated to helping people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other issues to achieve better mental health. The SAMH offers critical services around the clock to those who are struggling, which is why we have chosen to support them." The team hopes to raise as much money as possible, so that the charity can put the money to use right away to help those in need.

The SAMH is a Scotland-based charity that was founded in 1923. It operates 60 services in communities throughout Scotland to provide a range of mental health support services, including Employment, Mental Health Outreach, Suicide Prevention and Active Living.

1 in 20 contemplates suicide

Mental health problems affect the way people think, feel and behave. They can feel just as bad - or worse - than those with physical illnesses. But mental illness cannot be seen. One of the major challenges today is the rising suicide rate amongst young males, not only in Scotland, but throughout the UK. In Scotland alone, 262,740 people may be thinking about it, and the gender gap is widening.

To help reduce the suicide rate, SAMH have funded a three-year PhD with Glasgow University so that an in-depth study can be carried out about suicide triggers in men. It will assess what increases the likelihood of someone taking their own life, and what can be done to reduce the risks. Between 70 and 75% of all suicides in the UK and Scotland are by men, and little is known about the factors that increase this risk.

Any support you can give, financial or by sharing this appeal with others is very much appreciated.

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