Signatory Whisky Independent Bottler

Signatory Whisky Independent Bottler

Andrew and Brian Symington started bottling single malt whiskies in the late 1980s.  They went on to build their own bottling plant in Edinburgh in the early 1990s.

Today the main brand of what is now Scotland's second largest independent whisky bottler is Signatory Vintage. The name of the brand and the company was based on the Andrew and Brian Symington's original idea to have every bottle of whisky released signed by a celebrity. This idea never left the drawing board, but this is how the Signatory name was created.

Today Signatory has several ranges including their Unchillfiltered Collection, Silent Stills, Scottish Wildlife, Dun Eideann and Prestonfield (which was the name of the hotel where the Symington brothers worked in the 1980s.

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