Scott's Selection Whisky Independent Bottler

Scott's Selection Whisky Independent Bottler

Scott's Selection's are exceedingly Rare Single Malt Scotch Whiskies hand picked as his favourites by Robert Scott, Master Blender at Speyside Distillers in Glasgow, Scotland.

Over many years, Robert would "lay down" new fillings from distilleries all over Scotland and await in quiet anticipation the results of the maturing liquid gold. Only when he judged the individual Single Malts had achieved their optimum in quality and finish would he allow them to be bottled under his strict supervision.

The selection is neither chill filtered or reduced with water and is bottled at the natural cask strength for Robert believed in savouring the original flavours of the unique collection. Chill filtration is used generally for purely aesthetic reasons, yet it can on occasion take a lot of the character out of the Whisky and Robert's appetite was for "the meat and the potatoes". Robert Scott has now "officially" retired from Speyside. However, he still keeps a close eye on his collection and is still excited when a special wee parcel comes to light.

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