Whisky Focus - Construction Work At The New Rosebank Distillery Restarts

Construction Work At The New Rosebank Distillery Restarts

5th February 2021
Following a halt in production due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the partial collapse of the an old bonded warehouse wall construction of the new Rosebank distillery in Falkirk is underway once again.

Artists impression of Rosebank Distillery Forth & Clyde canal side view of distillery.

I am pleased to say that Ian Macleod Distillers has announced that construction work on the new Rosebank Distillery in Falkirk which was halted last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a partial collapse of a bonded warehouse wall which collapsed when digging a pit to deal with drainage onsite.

Work to partially demolish and extend the old B-listed Rosebank distillery buildings to form a visitor centre began back in November 2019 but the £12 million project was halted in March last year due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With builders not being allowed on site due to the pandemic, this gave Ian Macleod Distillers time to revise the construction plans due to the partial collapse of the bonded warehouse wall, the revised plans have now been submitted to consolidate space and replace the most dilapidated sections of the old building with a new build structure.

Michael Laird Architects  explained: "In order to create a safe, useful and long-lasting structure, the design team have created a revised design that integrates new and old more comprehensively than the consented scheme. This has also allowed the design team to better tailor the development towards future uses, including potential fluctuations in visitor numbers and storage facilities required.

"The revised proposals retain the vast majority of the north canal-facing facade, ensuring that the heritage value of the site is not lost to the community."

Going forward this February Ian Macleod Distillers says: "You’re going to see some excavators arrive, and some large eight-wheel lorries removing material and bringing in aggregate, concrete and reinforcement steel.

"We’re going to dig down to what we call the formation level to start laying the foundations to support the distillery building. And at peak there’ll probably be 10 – 15 people working on the ground."

They say that in the weeks ahead anyone passing by the site will be in no doubt that the new Rosebank is back on track. At first much of the work will be hidden behind a two-metre hoarding to be covered in images of the Rosebank rose and pencil illustration of the new distillery, but in a couple of months the steel skeleton of the new distillery will slowly emerge into view.

Meanwhile you can still find a small selection of rare and increasingly scarce Rosebank single malt whisky bottlings produced at the old Rosebank distillery available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and Master of Malt

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