Murray McDavid Whisky Independent Bottler

Murray McDavid Whisky Independent Bottler

Murray McDavid was established in 1995 by Mark Reyneir, Gordon Wright and Simon Coughlin. The company was named after co-founder Mark Reyniers grandparents; Harriet Murray and Jack McDavid.

They aim to bottle only the best casks possible, at the ideal drinking strength of 46%, without chill-filtration or colouration, to produce whiskies, not merely for collection, but for drinking.

They do not believe in high cask strengths: at 46% only a little water is required to release the flavours and enhance the aromas in your glass, without blowing your brains.

Cask selection is vital: there are very few casks that genuinely merit being bottled on their own, and far too many are, in the mistaken belief that their 'uniqueness' alone is worthy of attention.

The Murray McDavid range is very selective and all casks are chosen by Jim McEwan from the Bruichladdich which Murray McDavid aquired in 2000. Jim has over 40 years experience in the whisky industry.

Unlike most independent whisky bottlers their bottlings are a vatting of 4 or 5 casks of the same age and bottled at 46% ABV without chill filtration or any added colouring.

They have three main ranges; the  Murray McDavid range, the Mission Range which is unusual aged whisky and the Celtic Heartlands range which is from very old casks from the 1960s or 1970s.

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