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Lochlea Harvest Edition Second Crop

23rd August 2023
Lochlea unveils Second Crop of Harvest Edition single malt whisky.

Lochlea Harvest Edition Second CropFarm-to-cask Lowland distillery Lochlea in Ayrshire has unveiled its Second Crop, or batch, of its seasonal release: the Harvest Edition.

These distinctive seasonal small batch releases of single malt whisky from Lochlea splendidly captures its signature essence throughout the year, with each passing season commemorated by the utilisation of various cask types for the maturation process.

Presenting the latest creation - the Lochlea Harvest Edition Second Crop - a meticulous fusion of carefully chosen Tawny and Ruby Port casks, STR barriques, and first-fill Bourbon barrels which harmonise to introduce a unique dimension to the Lochlea house style.

Production Director John Campbell said: "As a working farm, these expressions tie in to reflect our farming calendar here at Lochlea.

"For this year’s Harvest Edition Second Crop we have incorporated a much higher proportion of Port casks as the spirit is another year older and we felt that it could stand up to the richness and intensity these casks add. This has really helped to enhance the whisky’s creaminess, whilst also introducing a delightful peppery, floral spice that the spirit gets from the STR barriques.

"We are really proud of this release, which has been inspired by the end of summer, when our golden barley is harvested and eventually used for the next year’s production."

Lochlea’s seasonal releases are as follows:
  • Harvest Edition: inspired by the annual harvest on the farm.
  • Fallow Edition: reflects the season of autumn on the farm when the fields are left fallow to rest after a busy harvest.
  • Ploughing Edition: released in winter when the fields are ploughed in preparation for spring.
  • Sowing Edition: inspired by spring when the seed if sown for the year’s barley crop.

Just like all of Lochlea's whisky offerings, the Harvest Edition Second Crop remains untouched by chill filtration. Bottled at an 46% ABV, matching its predecessor, the Harvest Edition First Crop, this intentional parity allows enthusiasts to intricately compare and contrast the annual releases.

Beyond these exclusive seasonal editions, Lochlea boasts a constant whisky expression that graces palates all year round - Lochlea Our Barley. This unpeated single malt matures in a triad of distinct casks: first-fill ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry casks, and STR barriques. These diverse cask influences contribute layers of depth to the whisky's flavour profile. Launched in July 2022, Our Barley has garnered significant praise as a splendid representation of a young, non-age statement (NAS) Lowlands whisky. Notably, it is entirely crafted from the distillery's own in-house cultivated barley.

The Lochlea Harvest Edition Second Crop with a RRP of £51.60 and Lochlea Our Barley will be available f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop, Master of Malt and Hard To Find Whisky

Lochlea Harvest Edition Second Crop Review

Bottled at 46% ABV.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Dates, ripe red grapes, thick cut marmalade.

Taste: Pink peppercorns and dried fruit.

Finish: A beautiful lingering creamy finish.

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