Whisky Focus - J & B Rare Review And 'A Rare Discovery' Christmas Cocktail

J & B Rare Review And 'A Rare Discovery' Christmas Cocktail

10th December 2018
Review of the J & B Rare a Speyside rich blended whisky and a 'A Rare Discovery' Christmas whisky cocktail suggestion.

J & B Rare Review And 'A Rare Discovery' Christmas Cocktail

J & B Rare is a whisky which I believe sometimes gets overlooked by whisky enthusiasts here in the UK as they progress on their whisky journey and it is such a shame as it really is an easy drinking, quality Scotch blended whisky with a lovely light Speyside malt whisky edge complimented by the vanilla sweet grain whisky which goes into the blend.

With the increase in visitors looking for Christmas gift ideas this site see's at this time of year I thought it was a good time to mention the J & B Rare, a whisky which sits above the standard entry level blends but should still be affordable no matter what your budget is.

J&B Rare originated in the 1930s, the light whisky with a Speyside edge was originally blended to suit American prohibition tastes, it was later highly popular among influential drinkers such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin (‘The Rat Pack’).

Today, its maker, Diageo, are using the whisky to brush aside the traditional masculine image Scotch blended whisky can sometimes have bringing this iconic brand to a new generation of customers, both female and men, giving them a chance experience a piece of the history which was created to suit both female and male palates which was developed during the American prohibition.

J & B Rare is still a hugely popular whisky in America today and it is such a shame that it gets overlooked by so many here in the UK, so hopefully in posting this article I have inspired some of you to explore this Speyside rich blended Scotch whisky as it certainly deserves a bigger audience amongst knowledgeable whisky drinkers who don't want to spend too much seeking out a quality dram.

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose:  An enticing light, yet rich, apple and pear sweetness, a touch of vanilla.

Taste: Light bodied. No surprises the, apple and pear which the nose announced, a gentle vanilla sweetness, a wee hint of cinnamon, a touch of honey and some lovely delicate spice.

Finish: Honey and vanilla infused apple and pear linger a while before bowing out to leave some gentle spice to have the final word.

Comment: J & B Rare really is a quality easy drinking Speyside style blend that could even rival some of the entry level Speyside single malts. I have always wondered why Diageo do not push this whisky more here in the UK, the US know how good it is but it seems to get over looked here. If you are new to whisky and enjoy a lighter style you will be hard pushed to find any better than J & B Rare at this price range.

SMW Blend Whisky Score 91/100

J & B Rare - 'A Rare Discovery' Christmas Cocktail For Whisky Lovers:

In keeping with the festive season and given the increasing popularity of whisky cocktails I thought you would appreciate this J & B Rare Christmas cocktail idea which was created by a bartender from Drake & Morgan’s The Parlour in London, called 'A Rare Discovery'.

The unique cocktail creation is said to be elegant in taste, with sweet aromas from peach puree, elderflower cordial, and exudes flavours of rich fruitiness and vanilla from the subtle yet full-bodied Scotch whisky.

40ml J&B Rare
10ml Kamm and Sons British Aperitif Bitters
20ml Peach Puree
10ml Elderflower cordial
15ml Lemon Juice

Shake all ingredients together and pour over cubed ice in a tumbler. Complete with a dehydrated lemon wheel. This is the perfect aperitif for Christmas Day that will leave you with a smooth and long-lasting aftertaste.

If you are in London in the run up to Christmas the J & B Rare Discovery will be available at selected Drake & Morgan venues for £8.95 available all throughout the Christmas period.

You will find J & B Rare as well  as the  ingredients for the J & B 'A Rare Discovery' Christmas cocktail available from specialist online whisky retailers such  as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

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