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Jameson Triple Distilled For Taste - Except One Time

2nd March 2018
Jameson Irish whiskey has been triple distilled for taste for over 237 years, except once and "Scully Was To Blame".

Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is produced by Irish Distillers in Midleton Distillery, has unveiled its latest TV advertising campaign, entitled ‘Taste, That’s Why’. The campaign launches across television, out of home, digital, display and social media in the USA from this month, ahead of a wider roll-out later this year.

Jameson have created two short television films that reimagine true stories about Jameson and its workers, and it was one of these stories in particular which caught my eye. I recall around this time last year during a visit to the Midleton Distillery where Jameson whiskey is produced today, company archivist Carol Quinn gave me a fascinating look into the company's Bow Street distillery in Dublin and Midleton distillery archives.

Amongst the many documents Carol showed me was a very interesting entry in an old Distillery Ledger which documented the whiskey production at that time and under remarks there was a fascinating entry documenting an error in the triple production process which meant the run had to be dumped and actually naming who was to blame for the error, Scully!

Jameson Distillery Ledger which reveals Scully Was To Blame for an error in production.

It is these remarks in the Distillery Ledger shown above that have inspired the new "Scully Was To Blame" TV advert shown below. The entry in the ledger states: "The wash from No 2 Back was started into No 1 Wash Still before the spent wash of No 1 Back was discharged. The mistake was not discovered until the still was full to the crown. It was then necessary to run off part of this in order to work the still; and as the delay in making a connection with No 2 Wash Still would have been too great it was thought best by J.G.J to discharge it to the spent wash, hence the deficiency. Scully was to blame."

If you want to raise a glass of Jameson to poor Scully you will find the current Jameson whiskey range, which has all been triple distilled of course, available from specialist whisky shops such as Master of Malt

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