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Grant's Whisky Free Front Page From History

31st October 2013
Commemorate the day that means most to you with Grantís Whisky.

I spotted this in the supermarket the other day and couldn't resist it myself and thought I would bring it to your attention.

The good folks at William Grant's have launched a new promotion offering you the chance to claim a free national front cover newspaper reprint from any day in the last 100 years.

So what do you have to do to receive your Free Front Page From History which is worth over £12? Simple all you have to do is purchase one of the promotional bottles of Grant's whisky which you will find in all the large supermarkets for not much more than £12 for the whisky, which in my eyes is a pretty good offer as Grant's Family Reserve is one of the best blended whiskies around in this price bracket.

Once you buy a bottle all you then have to do is decide which day you would choose from the past 100 years, perhaps you would want to commemorate a special day to you or your family, perhaps the day you or a member of your family were born, perhaps a special event in history such as VE Day or the day man set foot on the moon.

To see what was happening on the front page on an important day in you or your familyís history simply pick up a promotional bottle and the other good news is the offer is limited to one application per person per day so you have the chance to get more than one front page commemorating you or your family's history.

A great blended whisky and a great offer which is destined to be very popular as a gift this Christmas, pick it up while it is available!

William Grant's The Family Reserve Tasting Notes:

William Morrison's Tasting Notes

Nose: A clean, sweet, fruity, malty nose.

Taste: A lovely vanilla caramel sweetness balanced with rich sharp malty notes, a touch of burnt raisins, some mildly drying oak.

Finish: A smooth lingering finish with vanilla, a touch of caramel and a wee hint of dark chocolate.

Comment: This really is a high quality blend for your money and it has stayed consistently good over the years and it remains one of the best blended whiskies around in this price bracket. Great for any occasion.

SMW Scotch Blended Whisky Score 93/100


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