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Glen Scotia 30 Year Old Heads New Spirit Safe Collection

26th July 2023
Glen Scotia unveils new 30 Year Old with stunning collection of packaging designs from artist, Alice Angus.

Glen Scotia 30 Year Old Spirit Safe Collection

Glen Scotia has unveiled a new 30 Year Old single malt as part of its exclusive 'Spirit Safe' collection, created in collaboration with the distillery's artist-in-residence, Alice Angus. This exquisite release, non-chill filtered and boasting an ABV of 47.3%, is offered at an RRP of £2,000.

The collection represents a continuation of the fruitful partnership with the talented Scottish artist, who spent several months in Campbeltown, capturing the enchanting essence of the distillery and its natural surroundings through her sketches and paintings. From this artistic endeavor emerged four remarkable artworks, which, for the first time, adorn a highly limited run of 120 premium display boxes and bottle labels. This unique presentation allows whisky enthusiasts to own a piece of this extraordinary collaboration and savor a very special and rare Glen Scotia single malt whisky.

Matured to perfection in European oak casks, the new Glen Scotia 30 Year Old whisky is said to boast a rich bouquet of perfumed floral notes, with hints of violet and lavender, harmoniously entwined with the essence of sea spray. Upon tasting, one can delight in the subtle flavours of fresh green apple and velvety pear, followed by warm ginger and indulgent dark chocolate, culminating in a long and satisfying finish with nuances of roasted sugar sweetness.

The Glen Scotia 30 Year Old was initially distilled and laid down to mature back to 1989, a significant year in Glen Scotia's history, as it marked the reopening of the distillery after a five-year hiatus in production. The year also saw a change of ownership and extensive renovations undertaken to meet the resurging global demand for whisky. A brief yet momentous chapter in the distillery's legacy, only a few precious casks remain from this bygone era.

Throughout the years, the distillery team has kept a watchful eye over these casks, and the Spirit Safe collection stands as a tribute to Glen Scotia's enduring history, craftsmanship, and the traditional equipment that has been integral to its legacy.

Each of the four-pack designs in the collection, named First Water, Heart of the Run, Labour of Years, and Time and Tide, immortalizes the captivating stories behind this exceptional whisky and celebrates the distillery's heritage through time-honored artistry and dedication.

Iain McAlister, Distillery Manager and Master Distiller at Glen Scotia, said: "This is a remarkable launch for us – not only are we unveiling a very special highly limited 30-Year-Old single malt whisky, but also this stunning packaging from our artist-in-residence and friend, Alice Angus. Her artworks are a reminder of the fascinating history of Glen Scotia through the ages. Now commemorated in the Spirit Safe collection, these are a wonderful addition to any whisky enthusiast’s collection.

"The liquid itself is an incredibly distinguished single malt whisky. It is intriguing to look back upon the creation and craft of a distillery team from a different era, who have created a whisky full of flavour and personality, from the freshness of the apples to the spice of the ginger, and that wonderful long, sugary and saline finish."

Alice Angus at Glen Scotia Distillery

Alice Angus, Glen Scotia artist-in-residence, added: "My Spirit Safe series is inspired by the generations of dedicated people, the Campbeltown community, the unique landscape, the ingredients, skills, engineering, and care that goes into making Glen Scotia; and all rhythms of time across hours, years, and decades involved in its creation.

"What started as a one-off residency has grown into a longer-term partnership of new projects and exciting collaborations. Glen Scotia is a mesmerising place, and I am so grateful to the team for always making me welcome, supporting my work and sharing their stories and knowledge. This collection is a homage to them and all that came before, and I am already looking forward to seeing where else our partnership together might go."

Glen Scotia plans to auction Alice Angus' four original artworks, with the proceeds directed towards various charitable causes. While this charitable initiative is underway, a fortunate and select group of whisky enthusiasts can seize the opportunity to possess a truly unique piece of this remarkable collaboration and savour a whisky with an exceptional heritage.

Each bottle in the limited edition Spirit Safe Collection is elegantly presented in a sturdy premium display box, accompanied by a high-quality bottle typically reserved for rare and well-aged spirits. To add an extra touch of sophistication, the bottles are adorned with gold metalware around the shoulder, and Alice Angus' distinctive signature graces both the label and box, further enhancing it's appeal.

The limited edition Glen Scotia 30 Year Old Spirit Safe Collection is currently available through the Glen Scotia website and will be available f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop, Master of Malt and Hard To Find Whisky

Glen Scotia 30 Year Old Spirit Safe Collection Review

Bottled at 47.3% ABV.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Thick perfumed floral notes of violet and lavender are intertwined with bracing sea spray.

Taste: Freshly sliced green apple and silky honeyed pear followed by ground ginger spice and dark chocolate.

Finish: Long with a roasted sugar sweetness.

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