Whisky Focus - Go Behind The Scenes At The Glengoyne Distillery

Go Behind The Scenes At The Glengoyne Distillery

11th December 2018
Glengoyne are offering whisky fans the chance to go behind the scenes at the distillery for a day.

Go Behind The Scenes At The Glengoyne Distillery

The Glengoyne distillery is offering whisky enthusiasts the chance to go behind the scenes at the distillery. There are 36 places available for whisky fans to effectively get the keys to the distillery for one day to get a deeper insight than ever before into how Glengoyne’s single malt is crafted.

With only 36 tickets available for the ‘Behind the Scenes at Glengoyne Distillery’ event, which will take place on Saturday 16 February between 10am-4pm, the distillery are describing it as "the most exclusive event held in Glengoyne’s 185-year history, giving extensive insight into its slowly distilled spirit and sherry-cask matured whisky from the real people who make Glengoyne".

Tickets are on sale now, priced at £180 each, and are only available to members of Glengoyne’s online platform ‘The Family’ which you can join for free at www.glengoyne.com.

Glengoyne Still House

The lucky 36 ticket holders will not only have exclusive access to the distillery, but they’ll have the undivided attention of the real people who make Glengoyne. Distillery Manager, Robbie Hughes; Malt Master, John Glass and International Brand Ambassador, Gordon Dundas will take the Glengoyne fans through the same whisky-making practises that have been handed down through generations at Glengoyne.

‘Behind the Scenes’ will be held at Glengoyne Distillery, widely considered one of the most beautiful in Scotland, ticket holders will experience in depth tours, hands-on activities and immersive whisky tastings, including an exclusive first taste of Glengoyne’s not-yet-released new whisky for 2019. The event will culminate in a three-course, whisky-paired lunch. Attendees will also leave the distillery with a signed bottle of Glengoyne’s much-anticipated new release.

Katy Macanna, Brand Manager for Glengoyne, said: "This is the first time that Glengoyne has closed its doors for a true behind the scenes, exclusive ‘Meet the Maker’ event. We are delighted to be able to give a select group of Glengoyne fans deeper insight than ever before into our unique distillery and its processes."

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