Whisky Focus - Glengoyne Unveils Artwork That Will Reveal Itself Over 50 Years

Glengoyne Unveils Artwork That Will Reveal Itself Over 50 Years

16th August 2021
City Social in London unveils one-of-a-kind literary artwork, designed to challenge consumersí relationship with time. Created by conceptual artist, Jonathon Keats and Glengoyne Whisky - the piece will reveal the words of renowned poet, Cat Hepburn, over the next fifty years.

Poet and scriptwriter, Cat Hepburn poem, Kiss, part of a global exhibition by Glengoyne Whisky.

Michelin-starred restaurant City Social in London has unveiled a one-of-a-kind literary artwork by conceptual artist Jonathon Keats which will reveal itself over the next 50 years.

Commissioned by Glengoyne, Scotlandís slowest distilled single malt whisky, the one-of-a-kind piece has been created to slowly reveal the words of a new poem by renowned poet, Cat Hepburn, all around the concept of time.

Inspired by Glengoyneís Ďunhurriedí approach to whisky making, the art has been created using an innovative printing technique with ink that will fade based on its exposure to ultraviolet light.

Designed to challenge consumersí relationships with time and appreciation of craft, the artwork will be hung in Jason Athertonís Michelin-starred restaurant and will reveal itself over the next 50 years.

Barbara Turing, Brand Manager for Glengoyne Highland Single Malt, said: "Glengoyne is Scotlandís slowest distilled Single Malt, so we have always valued the role time can play in creating something truly special.

"This unique piece of Ďunhurriedí literary art wonít be immediately available for people to view. Instead, it will appear over time, when itís ready."

Renowned conceptual artist and experimental philosopher, Jonathon Keats, who turned the poem into a literary art piece, is well known for his ground-breaking projects around the subject of time. In 2018, he created a camera with a 1,000-year exposure to document climate change around Lake Tahoe.

Keats, said: "Initiatives that take place over a long time, based on gradual change, have the potential to reconnect us with nature and our own humanity. This project is an attempt to recalibrate society by providing a new platform for slow culture."

Cat Hepburn, award-winning poet, spoken word artist and educator, says: "I really loved the opportunity to reflect on the unhurried theme and explore what that means to me. The idea of my wee poem slowly coming to life in the years to come is such a thrill. Just like the whisky, it's taking its time, and it will be all the more special for it."

GlenGoyne Unhurried Project Poets - Jeda Pearl (Scotland), Courtney Peppernell (Australia), Alison Malee (America) and Martin Reints (Holland).

Catís poem is part of a global exhibition, with poets from around the world also having their words frozen in time , including Jeda Pearl (Scotland), Courtney Peppernell (Australia), Alison Malee (America) and Martin Reints (Holland).

The five poems will be exhibited at top whisky bars in Europe, Australia and the USA, including The Brandy Library in New York, The Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow, J.D. Williams in Amsterdam, as well as Catís poem in Michelin-starred restaurant City Social in London.

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