Whisky Focus - Eden Mill Distillery Construction In St Andrews Reaches New Milestone

Eden Mill Distillery Construction Reaches New Milestone

26th July 2023
St Andrews-based Eden Mill has reached an exciting milestone and has moved to the second phase of construction of its striking new extended distillery and visitor centre.

Exterior of Eden Mill Distillery

Eden Mill, a contemporary whisky and gin distillery based in St Andrews, has achieved a significant milestone in its ambitious multi-million-pound project to construct an impressive new extended distillery and visitor centre on the picturesque banks of the River Eden.

A ceremony was held between Eden Mill and the University of St Andrews, marking the commencement of the second phase of construction. This phase will bring the distillery to full operational capacity and introduce a captivating gin and whisky visitor experience, where visitors can immerse themselves in the art of spirit-making and witness how Eden Mill crafts its acclaimed single malts and craft gins. The experience will also offer tours, a retail store, and a relaxing café overlooking the breathtaking Eden Estuary.

Situated within the University of St Andrews' Eden Campus, a dedicated space for zero-carbon and sustainable businesses and research, the distillery's construction began early last year. Once completed, this new addition to Eden Mill will stand as a prominent Scottish landmark, providing a spectacular view of the historic and renowned town of St Andrews.

The distillery expansion is part of Eden Mill's existing site, managed by the University of St Andrews, which has successfully regenerated the brownfield area, aligning it with its sustainability objectives. The Eden Campus aims to foster collaboration within the private sector to develop innovative and sustainable technologies, including CO2 conversion into fuel and hydrogen-based energy systems. It is envisioned as a "living lab" to showcase low-carbon technology and demonstrate net-zero living in practical scenarios. The campus's dedication to sustainability earned it the Sustainable Development Award at the Scottish Green Energy Awards, and Eden Mill has partnered with the University to build the distillery on this environmentally conscious site.

Over the past year, Eden Mill has worked closely with the University on the distillery's construction, resulting in the creation of a striking contemporary building with magnificent structures and glass windows that are now visibly prominent from St Andrews to Guardbridge.

Stella Morse (Executive Chair at Eden Mill) Rennie Donaldson (COO at Eden Mill) and Derek Watson (Quaestor and Factor at the University of St Andrews)

Stella Morse, Executive Chair at Eden Mill, said: "This new home is where we will continue producing our contemporary Scottish gins and restart distillation of our premium single Malt Scotch Whiskies, which will be laid down to mature over the coming years.

"Set to become one of Scotland’s iconic distilleries, it will also be a major St Andrews landmark and a Scottish tourist attraction, sitting at the mouth of the River Eden, with views across to the spires and fairways of St Andrews, a town globally renowned as the ‘Home of Golf’ and famed for its heritage and historic university."

Director of the University of St Andrews Eden Campus, Geoff Morris said: "We are delighted that the Eden Mill team will be back at Eden Campus this month and forging ahead with their plans to create a world-class distillery and visitor centre. Apart from the high-quality products, we are especially pleased that the company will bring new skills and create local jobs. We will all raise a glass to that!"

Eden Mill Distillery is firmly committed to achieving carbon neutrality by adopting sustainable building materials for its construction. Once fully operational, the distillery will exclusively source its electricity from renewable sources, including the University of St Andrews' solar farm. Furthermore, the CO2 generated during the fermentation process will be efficiently captured and utilised by the University for future purposes.

Geoff Morris added: "Our aim for Eden Campus is to become carbon neutral in this decade and we are keen to bring businesses here that share this vision. We will be working with Eden Mill and all our tenants to drive down carbon emissions."

Glasgow-based architects, Opfer Logan, have meticulously designed the distillery as an exceptional and distinct space devoted to sustainable business practices and research. Scheduled for its grand opening in 2024, this unique establishment promises to embody a commitment to environmental consciousness and innovation.

Rennie Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer at Eden Mill, added: "The new facility is a fantastic opportunity to revolutionise how we produce our gin and whisky and will incorporate as many environmentally friendly features as possible.

"We are committed to working with local contractors and specialists on this renovation project and we can’t wait to open a space that’s versatile, acts as a community hub and practices sustainable distilling methods."

Established in 2012, Eden Mill was the first distillery to make spirits in the region for over 150 years, resurrecting a distillery on the Eden Estuary where distillation had ceased in the 19th century.

Although not widely available outside of the distillery shop due partly to the small whisky production which actually began in 2014, with the first Eden Mill single malt release being in 2018, you will find some Eden Mill whisky available f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt although you will need a deep pocket if you want to taste the young whisky.

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