Whisky Focus - Dunphail Distillery Fills First Casks And Opens Second Funding Round

Dunphail Fills First Casks And Opens Second Funding Round

10th November 2023
Dunphail Distillery is now in production and has filled their first casks, sherry butts, and they have announced that they have now opened a second round of funding.

Dunphail Distillery and Cask No.1, a sherry butt.

Dunphail Distillery has unveiled that on 26th October 2023 it achieved the successful filling and placement of its inaugural casks. Drawing from the initial distillation runs of the new make spirit produced during the first two weeks of full-scale production, the distillery carefully curated ten sherry butts for Dunphail's maiden maturation, preserving them within the on-site warehousing facilities.

Dunphail tells me that the selection of large sherry butts was meticulous, driven by their natural compatibility with the distillery's strong and intense character.

Founder and Master Distillery Dariusz Plazewski explained: "The remarkable character and profound flavour of Dunphail’s spirit has been entirely derived from our traditional production processes - full on-site floor malting and kilning, alongside long, open-topped fermentations and directly fired stills. Our spirit is the product of our historical outlook on production combined with our forward-looking, innovative approach to whisky appreciation. Our first casks combine these elements perfectly – reflecting the fruit-forward, rich and full-bodied nature of both the sherry butts and our exceptionally characterful spirit. Now we wait. But, we’re all delighted to have started the clock for the arrival of Dunphail’s single malt whisky!"

In addition to disclosing the completion of its initial cask filling, Dunphail announced the commencement of a second funding round. The aim is to secure an extra £2 million through an equity offering, dedicated to fostering expanded production, augmenting sales and marketing capabilities, and advancing the enhancement of the distillery's tours and visitor experiences. For more details on the second round of funding can be found on the Dunphail website.

Plazewski added: "Our calling is to produce world-class, full-bodied, fruit-forward single malt whisky using the full range of processes, each one shaped by generations of rich distilling heritage. We intend to establish Dunphail Distillery as one of the finest whisky producers within Scotland and are keen to work with investors who share our vision. Through an additional equity offering we’re looking forward to delighting out customers with thought-provoking single malt whiskies, whilst offering a truly exceptional distillery and visitor centre experience."

Dunphail Distillery, situated in Morayshire, began production in October 2023, after transforming an existing farm steading into a 200,000 litres per annum (LPA) facility. The distillery's visitor centre and shop, which opened earlier in the year, now provide daily tours and tastings of Dunphail's Dava Way whiskies, attracting a steadily increasing number of visitors.

Dunphail New Make Spirit Review

Crafted from 100% on-site floor malted and kilned Laureate barley and tasted at filling strength of 63.5% ABV.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Crisp, clean and vibrant. The character and purity of the spirit are demonstrated with waxed lemons and limes alongside a scattering of hedgerow berries. The fruit-forward notes are then enriched by oven baked buns, buttered bread and freshly cut grass resulting in a captivatingly broad assortment of aromas.

Taste: Oiliness and texture runs throughout establishing a remarkably rich and fulsome mouthfeel. Lemon curd, zested limes and orange peels sit alongside substantive pastry character – brioche, malt loaf and barley cakes. Undertones of minerality and ginger spicing unravel to reveal a spirit that possesses an extraordinary distinctiveness.

Finish: Boundless energy still persists, as expressive notes of citrus progressively fade into a malt-driven conclusion.

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