Whisky Focus - Dunphail Distillery In Speyside Goes Into Production

Dunphail Distillery In Speyside Goes Into Production

18th October 2023
Dunphail Distillery in Speyside has gone into production, the distillery aims to craft a rich and fruity spirit, both peated and unpeated single malt whiskies which will be produced using their own on-site floor malting, traditional kilning, extended fermentation periods, and direct-fired stills.

Dunphail Distillery Pot Stills

Dunphail Distillery has announced the initiation of full-scale production at its recently inaugurated distillery and visitor centre located in Speyside, Morayshire. Following the acquisition of all the necessary approvals for commencing operations, the inaugural distillation of Dunphail's freshly crafted "rich and fruity" spirit occurred on October 6th at 10:15 AM.

The distillery, which was independently constructed by the accomplished team behind Bimber Distillery in London, England, required 18 months of diligent effort. Set within the confines of a former farm steading, this facility, with a substantial capacity of 200,000 litres per annum (LPA), aspires to redefine the boundaries of Scotch whisky.

In preserving the traditions of the past while shaping the whisky of the future, Dunphail employs a complete array of time-honoured techniques, including on-site floor malting, traditional kilning, extended fermentation periods, and direct-fired stills. This enables the distillery to craft both unpeated and peated single malt whiskies, utilising these age-old methods to create single malts that are remarkably textural and fruit-forward, showcasing a profound, expressive character reminiscent of Scotland's most distinguished whisky heritage.

Dunphail's malthouse boasts the first distillery-based malting floor to be newly constructed in Speyside since 1898. Not only is this a cornerstone of Dunphail's whisky identity, but it was also meticulously designed and constructed to preserve this venerable craft, utilising traditional malting tools.

Speaking of commencing production at Dunphail, Founder and Master Distiller Dariusz Plazewski said: "It has long been my calling to produce whisky that has been shaped by the richness of distilling heritage. At Dunphail we’re taking a extremely detailed approach to our whisky making – combining our knowledge and deep passion to ensure that everything we do is driven by the fundamentals of flavour and quality. Constructing the distillery over the last 18 months has been both a lifelong dream and one of the biggest challenges of my career. But that time and effort has been well worth it – our first batch of new make spirit is simply astonishing and unlike anything I’ve tasted to date. It is incredibly fat and fruity and already packed full of the personality derived from our traditional production processes. I’m looking forward to sharing it and working with my team to shape it into a truly extraordinary Speyside whisky over the years to come."

Earlier this year, the Dunphail distillery opened its visitor centre and retail shop, welcoming an increasing number of visitors for daily tours and tastings of Dunphail's 'Dava Way' whiskies which is Dunphail’s range of independently bottled Scotch whiskies from several acclaimed distilleries. In the future, there are plans to further enhance the distillery's tour offerings, including in-depth warehouse experiences and interactive visitor blending sessions.


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