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Dalmore Sirius 1951 The Guiding Light

5th October 2009
Dalmore Releases £10,000 Malt Whisky

A rare 1951 vintage single malt whisky with a RSP of £10,000 per bottle has been released today.

Only 12 decanters of the Sirius expression from premium whisky brand The Dalmore will be produced. Sirius will only be available to private buyers and through a limited network of World Duty Free stores.

“The international market for high-end luxury products which have an investment value is buoyant - and the finest whiskies are playing an increasingly dominant role in this sector,” says The Dalmore’s Brand Director, David Robertson.

“Our partnership with World Duty Free allows us to reach an elite group of investors and whisky aficionados across the globe. We will be focusing on key target markets in Taiwan, USA and France.”

Sirius will be launched in the flagship World Duty Free store at Heathrow Terminal 5. Nigel Sandals, Category Buying Manager for Liquor at World Duty Free, adds: “Our customer base contains some of the most knowledgeable investors in spirits in the world.

“Being able to offer the absolute best-quality luxury goods is a very strong incentive for buyers to use travel retail and World Duty Free - as they would a specialist retailer - to get exceptional value and to see a real return on their investment.”

The Dalmore’s 1951 Sirius Vintage is a single-cask, single malt whisky, with a cask strength of 45%.

The Dalmore Master Distiller, Richard Paterson, says: “Distinguished and elegant, age has gracefully finessed this brilliant expression. Sirius is, quite simply, one of the world’s most perfect whiskies.”

Dalmore Sirius Tasting Notes

“Distinguished and elegant, age has gracefully finessed this brilliant expression. Aromas of intense citrus and honeyed chocolate are quickly joined by roasted coffee, crushed walnuts and hints of liquorice spice.

“Let the spirit gently roll over the palate, holding it long in the mouth to tease out its illuminating flavours. First coffee and bitter chocolate, followed by crushed almonds and ripe apple, then toffee, spicy cinnamon and toasted oak provide the perfect finish.”

Richard Paterson Master Distiller

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