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Compass Box Orangerie Whisky Liqueur

Compass Box produces hand crafted, small batch Scotch whisky in distinctive and original styles. Compass Box Orangerie is made with sweet, 10 year old Scotch whisky which is infused with fresh orange peels and spices. It is only released once a year and only in limited quantities for sale during the holiday season.

A delicious and unusual drink and absolutely incredible when tried with chocolate, especially dark chocolate. You will not have tasted anything like it, simply delicious. It makes an excellent after dinner drink, think of it being like Cointreau / Grand Marnier but made of whisky and without added sugar.

Compass Box Orangerie Whisky Liqueur Tasting Notes

Compass Box Orangerie Whisky Liqueur.

Fresh, bright orange aromas and flavours. The sweet vanilla flavours of the whisky complement perfectly the orange fruit. A satisfyingly dry finish. Once you try this you will want more, it is simply delicious.

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Compass Box Orangerie Bottlings

Compass Box offer you the following choice of whisky liqueurs:
  • Compass Box Orangerie.
  • You will find Compass Box Orangerie Whisky Liqueur available from top whisky shops such as
    The Whisky Exchange.

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