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More On Bruichladdich's The Classic Laddie Bottle Redisgn

20th July 2023
Renowned Swiss glass artist Simon Berger has broken the mould with creation of new recycled glass sculpture to celebrate the distilleryís most sustainable bottle.

Simon Berger, a Swiss-born artist, presents Bruichladdich's innovative glass project.

Following up on Bruichladdich's recent announcement of a carbon friendly redesign of their The Classic Laddie bottle I thought you may find it interesting reading more info on how the Hebridean distillerís signature bottling has been reconfigured with sustainability in mind.

Simon Berger, a Swiss-born artist renowned for his remarkable glasswork, presents his latest masterpiece in the UK, paying tribute to Bruichladdich's innovative glass project.

Famed for his intricate glass portraits, Berger has ingeniously shattered 15 panes of recyclable glass to celebrate Bruichladdich's new signature Classic Laddie bottle. This new bottle exemplifies the distiller's commitment to sustainability, containing an impressive 60% recycled glass and weighing 32% less than its predecessor.

By embracing this redesign, the distillery aims to reduce the packaging CO2 emissions of its single malt by an impressive 65%. The removal of the secondary tin alone has the equivalent environmental impact of taking 182 cars off the roads of Islay. This release marks another step in Bruichladdich's journey to challenge industry norms and minimize its environmental footprint, with a mission to achieve carbon neutrality in production by 2025.

Simon Berger's unique art form, cultivated since 2016, explores glass's full potential to craft exquisite sculptures. Collaborating with Bruichladdich, the artist showcases the transformative power of glass Ė not only placing the recycled glass bottle at the forefront but also contributing to the distillery's eco-conscious efforts.

UK audiences in London and Glasgow will have the opportunity to witness Simon Berger's artwork for the first time before it finds its permanent home at the distillery on Islay, where it will continue to inspire and captivate visitors.

Artist, Simon Berger, said ďPartnering with Bruichladdich Distillery to re-launch The Classic Laddie bottle, which gives glass a second life, felt like a perfect match. I take pride in my experimental and unconventional approach to art - redefining how glass can be used. Pushing boundaries with glass within the whisky industry can create something quite special.Ē

The Classic Laddie bottle is the result of a collaboration with the Glasgow-based design agency, Thirst, serving as the global creative partner. The design prioritizes sustainability at every stage, and the lighter weight of the bottle significantly reduces the brand's environmental impact. This lighter design allows more bottles to be transported per pallet, leading to a decrease in the number of distribution vehicles on the road.

In a comprehensive redesign effort, every aspect of the new proprietary bottle has been carefully reconsidered. While retaining Bruichladdich's signature aqua color, the bottle now incorporates an organic ink coating. Additionally, the closure and cork are crafted from polypropylene, a synthetic resin derived from bio-based sources, further enhancing its eco-friendliness.

To underscore their commitment to sustainability and challenge prevailing notions of value in the whisky sector, Bruichladdich has taken a bold step by discontinuing the production of the secondary tin for The Classic Laddie entirely. This decision was motivated by the realization that the creation of the tin for The Classic Laddie emitted over 1kg of CO2 during its manufacturing process alone. As a distillery deeply invested in social and environmental progress, Bruichladdich aims to produce less, transport less, and minimize the amount of packaging sent to landfill sites.

Douglas Taylor, Chief Executive at Bruichladdich Distillery, said "The new propriety Classic Laddie bottle gives glass a second life and thatís exactly what Simon Bergerís artform does. Weíre excited to unveil this unique bottle which gives a new meaning to glass. As an industry, weíve become accustomed to believing that single malt Scotch whisky must come with outer packaging as standard. Where most other spirits travel around the world in just the bottle, the majority of single malts have an elaborate or heavy secondary, outer pack. And it made us ask ourselves, why? Secondary packaging is not always necessary, and itís certainly not sustainable.

"This piece of incredible artwork marks a significant step change for Bruichladdich. It will exist as a commitment to the changing trajectory for the brand and the way that we operate as a values-led business."

Matt Burns, Executive Creative Director at Thirst, said: "This bold and progressive design and brand identity is emblematic of the role we must all play in taking responsibility for the future of the environment, and provides the opportunity for like-minded purposeful drinkers to connect with a brand that represents what they value.

"Itís about leading the way in shifting habits Ė it proves you donít need to have secondary packaging to represent luxury, quality or to be interesting."

Simon Bergerís artwork is available to see in London, before travelling to Glasgow where people can see it in whisky bar, The Gate. It will then move to Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay. The re-designed bottle has a RRP of £45 and it will be starting to appear on the shelves of
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