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Canadian Whisky

Nowadays Canadian Whisky is made mainly from a mix of corn, wheat and just a supplement of rye for flavour. Canadians still refer to their whisky as Rye Whisky even though its been many years since rye was the main ingredient in their whisky. Today only a small amount of rye is used, this adds flavour and results in a lighter bodied whisky.

The Glenora distillery in Nova Scotia produces Canada's only malt whisky, all the other Canadian distilleries produce only blended whiskies.

Many Canadian Whiskies can be considered a close relative to the Whiskeys produced by their American neighbours.

Canadian Whiskies

Canadian Club
Unlike other blends, this Canadian whiskey is blended before maturing. Flavours of cola, smoke, grain and caramel. Not as sweet as many other Canadians. Very popular.
Crown Royal
Premium blended Canadian whiskey. Aromas of oak, coconut and orange. Fruity, nutty flavour. Long finish with a touch of orange. Probably the most popular Canadian blend in Canada.
Black Velvet
Aged in oak barrels for a full eight years. Smooth with a mellow taste and a rich whisky character.
Lot No. 40
A smoky, sweet whisky which has the feel of a single malt in the mouth.
Pike Creek
Has an odd, thin edge to it and a vague sweetness.
A complex whisky with notes of honey and spice.
Gooderham & Worts
Has a suggestion of peat in a nicely subtle whisky.
Seagram's VO
The VO means "Very Own" because years ago this whisky was set aside for the Seagram family's private consumption. It has a floral nose. Mellow flavours with spicy notes in the follow through.
Yukon Jack
The sweet black sheep of Canadian whisky liqueurs.

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