Whisky Focus - Bruichladdich Gives The Classic Laddie A Carbon Friendly Redesign

Bruichladdich Gives The Classic Laddie Carbon Friendly Redesign

13th July 2023
Bruichladdich distillery gives The Classic Laddie bottle a more carbon friendly redesign.

New more carbon friendly Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie.

Bruichladdich distillery on Islay has introduced a more carbon friendly redesign for its single malt, The Classic Laddie, incorporating its most innovative packaging to date. This revamp significantly reduces the CO2 emissions associated with the packaging by an impressive 65%. The key changes involve the elimination of the secondary tin and the introduction of a considerably lighter recycled glass bottle.

The redesigned bottle, containing an average of 60% recycled glass, weighs 32% less than its predecessor. This reduction in weight not only diminishes the brand's global environmental impact but also results in fewer distribution vehicles on the road and enables the transportation of more bottles per pallet.

Previously, customers had the choice to forgo the secondary packaging, but Bruichladdich is now completely discontinuing the production of the secondary tin for The Classic Laddie. This strategic decision places sustainability at the forefront and challenges the prevailing notion of value within the whisky industry. The creation of the tin for The Classic Laddie alone emitted over 1kg of CO2. As a distillery committed to social and environmental progress, Bruichladdich aims to produce less, transport less, and minimize the amount of packaging sent to landfills.

As a B-Corp certified distillery, Bruichladdich's newly optimised glass bottle design will reduce the total CO2 emissions associated with packaging by 65% compared to the previous version with the secondary tin. This reduction is equivalent to removing 182 cars from the roads of Islay.

Every aspect of the new proprietary bottle has undergone a complete redesign. While Bruichladdich's distinctive aqua colour remains, the bottle now incorporates an organic ink coating, and the closure and cork are made from polypropylene, a synthetic resin derived from bio-based sources.

Douglas Taylor, CEO at Bruichladdich Distillery, said "As an industry, we’ve become accustomed to believing that single malt Scotch whisky must come with outer packaging as standard. Where most other spirits travel around the world in just the bottle, the majority of single malts have an elaborate or heavy secondary, outer pack. And it made us ask ourselves, why? Secondary packaging is not always necessary, and it’s certainly not sustainable.

"The new proprietary Classic Laddie bottle marks a significant step change for Bruichladdich. This is much more than a bottle redesign. It is changing the trajectory for the brand and the way that we operate as a values-led business."

Bruichladdich has formed a partnership with acclaimed Swiss artist Simon Berger, renowned for his mesmerizing glass artworks. In an exceptional display, Berger has meticulously shattered 15 panels of recyclable glass to honor Bruichladdich's groundbreaking glass project. This extraordinary artwork, the first of its kind to be exhibited in the UK, serves as a tribute to the distiller's new flagship Classic Laddie bottle.

The captivating creation by Simon Berger will make its debut in London and Glasgow before finding its permanent residence at the distillery on the enchanting Isle of Islay.

Bruichladdich is deeply committed to implementing sustainable solutions across all aspects of its operations. They have installed a circulatory heating system on-site, transitioned to cleaner grades of biofuels to minimize their carbon footprint, and are actively exploring the viability of green hydrogen energy. By the year 2025, the distillery aims to achieve decarbonised production. Notably, in 2020, Bruichladdich Distillery became the first Scotch whisky and gin distiller to attain B-Corp certification, meeting rigorous social and environmental benchmarks.

Remaining true to Bruichladdich's values of origin and heritage, the distillery collaborated with Thirst, a renowned design agency based in Glasgow and their global creative partner, to reimagine The Classic Laddie bottle.

The definitive Bruichladdich single malt, The Classic Laddie showcases the distillery’s classic, floral and elegant house style. Made from 100% unpeated Scottish barley, trickle distilled, un-chill filtered and fully matured and bottled exclusively on Islay you will find it along with the rest of the Bruichladdich whisky range including the heavily peated Port Charlotte single malt and very heavily peated Octomore single malt available f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop, Master of Malt and Hard To Find Whisky

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