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Bowmore Tempest Limited Edition Whisky

11th September 2009
Bowmore has today revealed a new limited edition expression – unlike any other Bowmore Single Malt - Bowmore Tempest.

The long anticipated Bowmore Tempest is a small batch release of only 2,000 cases from Islay’s oldest distillery (established in 1779). As the name suggests, the taste of Bowmore Tempest really captures the rugged and stormy sea qualities that have been associated with its weather beaten Bowmore distillery.

For ten years these first fill Bourbon casks have lain in vaults just inches from the battering waves of Loch Indaal – the result is a whisky bright summer gold in colour. The nose is engulfed by earthy smoke and a sea salt brine. A little water brings out notes of crème brulée with orange blossom and butter cream.

At first on the palate there is a surprising little burst of citrus, some lemons and orange, then comes the distinct peaty character of Islay, with a taste of the neighbouring sea. The citrus returns at the end adding balance and complexity to the mouthfeel and the finish is long, lingering yet clean.

Just as Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort developed his original Beaufort scale to describe wind effects on sailing vessels, the Bowmore Beaufort scale graph plots the complexity of Bowmore Tempest, which has been balanced by nature.

Kirsteen Beeston, Bowmore Marketing Manager said: “We are so proud to reveal Bowmore Tempest. It’s a balanced yet complex dram that really captures the spirit of the distillery on Islay and the craftsmanship that has been applied to make this beautiful tasting single malt.”

Bowmore Tempest Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Bright summer gold
  • Nose: Earthy smoke and brine water, notes of crème brulée with orange blossom with butter cream
  • Palate: Bursts of citrus, lemons and orange with the distinct peaty Islay character and a sea salt tang
  • Finish: Long, lingering yet clean and fresh

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