Whisky Focus - Black Bowmore Fetches £11,900 At Auction

Black Bowmore Fetches £11,900 At Auction

26th January 2018
Black Bowmore continues to break auction price records, selling for £11,900

Those of you that were lucky enough to buy a bottle of Black Bowmore 1964 2nd release from Oddbins for £93 back in 1994 when it was first released and then drunk it may just want to stop reading now as a bottle of the Black Bowmore 1964 30 Year Old 2nd Edition has just sold at auction for £11,900. I bought 2 bottles when it was first released which have long since past by my tonsils.

This latest record auction price for a bottle was paid by an investor from the USA in a recent auction hosted by by Perth-based online auction Whisky Auctioneer.

The record-breaking bottle is the second of the three Oloroso cask 1964 Bowmore's released in the mid-1990s. As one of 2000 bottles, it originally retailed on the high street for around £93, I recall at the time thinking this was a lot for a bottle of malt whisky and wasn't happy about the £13 price increase from the £80 1st edition released the previous year but I bought a second bottle once I tasted it. Over the last 20 years, it has achieved almost mythical status among whisky fans the world over. It is not known how many bottles are left in circulation but my two bottles are long gone.

The bottle was one of over 4,500 bottles being auctioned off in December by Whisky Auctioneer, securing a total of more than £1.2 million. Other notable sales included:

  • Clynelish 1973 Single Cask 41 Year Old / Wealth Solutions - £6,100
  • Port Ellen 1981 Feis Ile 2008 - £4,600
  • Macallan Private Eye - £3,700
  • Laphroaig 1980 27 Year Old - £3,000

The world record price achieved for the Black Bowmore Second Edition certainly reflects the ongoing boom in the secondary market for rare whisky, with an increasing number of collectors, connoisseurs and investors participating in the market through online auctions. Over the past year alone, Whisky Auctioneer tell me that they have seen a 36% rise in the number of users.

Unlike the traditional auction houses, online auctioneers are able to offer a catalogue of bottles to their global database of buyers, frequently breaking records as more and more users participate in these easy to use and exciting auctions.

Sean McGlone, director, Whisky Auctioneer said: We were expecting some high bids for this incredible whisky, we hoped it would exceed expectations and break all previous records. It just goes to show how iconic this expression has become among whisky collectors and aficionados the world over. As more consumers discover the joys of rare and vintage whisky, it’s difficult to see how demand won’t continue to increase pushing up prices for those brands and bottles which are most coveted.

"Fortunately at Whisky Auctioneer we are continuing to attract some of the very best collections for sale worldwide. Having moved the world’s largest private collection of rare Japanese Karuizawa whisky last year for a record breaking amount, and setting records for icons such as this 30 year old Black Bowmore, we are developing a reputation as one of the very best whisky auctioneers available for both buyers and sellers. We’ll do our bit to help growing the market by continuing to improve our service to make it easy as possible for whisky collectors to trade."

For more information about Whisky Auctioneer and to view their latest auction visit www.whiskyauctioneer.com.

Of course if you cant wait to see if you auction bid is successful there is always the traditional way to get your hands on a bottle of rare Scotch whisky, buy it now from a reputable online whisky shop such as  The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

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