Whisky Focus - Bimber Distillery Teams Up With Hand Crafted Beer Maker Brew By Numbers

Bimber Distillery Teams Up With Beer Maker Brew By Numbers

20th August 2020
London based Bimber Distillery and Brew By Numbers brewery announce their first collaboration beer - 64|Imperial Stout.

Bimber and Brew By Numbers first collaboration beer - 64|Imperial Stout

Brew By Numbers an exploratory and modern brewery which has been hand-crafting beer in South London since 2012 has teamed up with Bimber distillery in London which was founded in 2015.

In their first collaboration with Bimber Distillery, Brew By Numbers has used their classic Imperial Stout recipe to showcase Bimber's whisky. The beer started with a complex malt bill, including Golden Promise, oat, Cara, chocolate, roast and smoked malt alongside muscovado sugar in the boil, contributing fermentable sugars, colour and a rich and rounded body.

This big, sweet and roasty stout was left to condition in tank for two months, building a smooth and complex profile. Oak chips were soaked in Bimber’s ex-bourbon oak cask single malt whisky, absorbing their distinctive fruit-forward whisky profile and contributing notes of sweet caramel, rich vanilla and subtle spice. These chips were added cold-side (post-fermentation) to the base stout along with organic cacao nibs, Madagascan vanilla pods and washed Colombian coffee from a top London roastery. The resulting beer is said to be incredibly complex, rich and well-balanced with the distinct Bimber whisky profile.

The first beer, 64|Imperial Stout – Bimber, will be available on the Brew By Numbers webshop from 26th August for delivery across the UK. Brew By Numbers tells said that "this collaboration is an incredibly exciting project for them, providing the opportunity to work with one of the finest distilleries in the country and we can’t wait for you to try this first beer".

Brew By Numbers commented: "This release is the first step in a series of collaborations with Bimber. Having taken several casks of their first fill ex bourbon single malt, we decided to age an Imperial Stout in these incredible vessels. They are currently resting in our Peckham barrel store for release later in the year – a huge stout with a pure barrel-aged whisky expression. Once these are emptied for packaging, the casks will return to Bimber where they will be used for an upcoming project inside the walls of the North Acton distillery".

If you fancy trying the London distillery's impressive young single malt whisky you will find it available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

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